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Previous Guests of Sons Of Liberty Radio

Larry Pratt - Gun Owners of America
TX Congressman Ron Paul 
Ted Nugent
Wallbuilders - David Barton 
MN Governor Tim Pawlenty 
Judge Roy Moore - Foundation for Moral Law
Michelle Malkin
Barb Anderson - Comprehensive Sex Education Curriculum
Alex Jones - Infowars 
MN Family Counsel - Tom Prichard 
Michele Bachmann - MN District 6
Howard Phillips - Conservative Caucus 
Rutherford Institute - John Whitehead
EdWatch - Karen Effraim/Julie Quist/Allen Quist 
Michael Peroutka - Institute on the Constitution
Senator Kris Kobach - Drafter of AZ Immigration Law 
Bishop Harry Jackson - High Impact Leadership Coalition 
Brigitte Gabriel - American Congress for Truth
Herb Suerth - Band of Brothers 
Arnold Culbreath - Protecting Black Life 
Ed McClung - Band of Brothers 
Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli
MN District 4 Candidate Theresa Collette
Mayor Tom Dahlberg; Attorney Erik Kaardal 
Mitch Berg - Northern Alliance Radio Network 
Todd Friel - Wretched Radio
Elaine Donnelly - Center for Military Readiness 
Mary Kiffmeyer - Former Secretary of State 
Michael Pearl - No Greater Joy 
MD Delegate Don Dwyer
Judge Ron Wilper - Teacher Crimes
Dr. Anne Blake Tracy - Dangers of Antidepressants 
Twila Brase - Citizens’ Council on Health Care 
Dr. Paul Cameron - Family Research Institute 
Alveda King - niece of Martin Luther King Jr. 
Dr. Ted Baehr - Movie Guide
Peter LaBarbera - Americans for Truth About Homosexuality 
Tony Perkins - Family Research Council
Mary McAlister - Liberty Council 
Stewart Rhodes - Oath Keepers
Sheriff Paul Babeu - Pinal County, AZ
Jim Campbell - Alliance Defense Fund 
Tracey Bailey - Association of American Educators 
David Limbaugh - Author of "Crimes Against Liberty" 
Dr. Judith Reisman - Author of "Sexual Sabotage" 
Bob Guimond - 
11-year-old radio listener - Claire!
Representative Dan Severson - Candidate for Secretary of State in MN
Chris Penwell - Candidate for 10th District Judge in MN 
Tad Jude - Candidate for 10th District Judge in MN
Greg Wersal - Candidate for MN Supreme Court Justice
Dr. Gina Loudon
Bryan Bender - Boston Globe 
Attorney Jeff Anderson - Anderson and Associates 
Bryan Fischer - American Family Association 
Matthew Krause - Liberty Counsel
Matt Sharp - Alliance Defense Fund 
MN Senator Paul Gazelka - District 12 
Michael Reagan
Joseph Farah - World Net Daily 
Pamela Geller - World Net Daily
Bradley Johnson - Math Teacher, CA 
Matt Barber - Liberty Counsel 
Gary Kreep - United States Justice Foundation 
Senator Rick Santorum - Presidential Candidate 2012 
Ray Comfort - Living Waters/Way of the Master 
Ambassador Alan Keyes 
Sheriff Richard Mack 
Sherry and Randy - Petoskey Tea Party, MI 
Molotov Mitchell - Illuminati TV 
Chuck Utersee - producer of Behold a Pale Horse 
Carly Hill - Young Patriots 
Tim Brown - Freedom Outpost 
Regis Giles - Girls Just Wanna Have Guns 
Jim - FreedomFighterRadio
Paul Walter - NewsWithViews
Carol Everett - Former Abortion Clinic Owner 
Troy Newman - Operation Rescue 
Sue Trombino - Women Impacting the Nation
Matt Staver - Liberty Counsel
James Riley - Creator of Courage, New Hampshire DVD Series
Joshua Charles - co-author of NY Times best-seller, "The Original Argument"
Jake Dagel - Social Rights Activist
Victoria Jackson - The Victoria Jackson Show
Floyd Brown - Center for Western Journalism
U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy - South Carolina
Jerry Newcombe - Truth in Action Ministries 
Billy Vaughn - Father of fallen Navy SEAL Team 6 member Aaron Vaughn
Steve Noble
Reverend Alex Perakis - NC
Pat Buchanan
Shawn and Wendy - testimonial of lives changed by listening to the SOL
Eileen Escalante - 912 Group Volusia 
Chris Lawton - Greenvile, SC Tea Party
Kevin Hawthorne - Music Artist
Greg Quinlan - Pro Family Network
Vicki Stogdill - Des Moines, IA Tea Party
Landan Kollasch - Armstrong, Iowa City Event Coordinator
Tim Baldwin 
Chad Hovind - Author of Godonomics
Ron Cunningham - movie producer
James Garrow - Author of The Pink Pagoda
William Cook - Black Robed Regiment of Virginia
Sara Brenner - Brenner Brief
Kevin Shipp - former CIA officer
Abby Johnson - Former Planned Parenthood Director
Erik Rush - Author and Columnist 
Alfonzo Rachel - Zonation
David M. Zuniga-America Again
Lt. Randy Sutton

People who have refused interview requests

Senator Amy Klobachar; 
Rob Boston - Americans United for Separation of Church and State; 
Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the House; 
Senator Al Franken; 
Tarryl Clark - Opponent to Michele Bachmann for Congress; 
Minnesota Independent; 
GLBT (The Organization "GLBT" doesn't exist!); 
Council on American-Islamic Relations; 
Joe Solmonese - Human Rights Campaign; 
Out Front MN; 
Kevin Jennings - Assistant Deputy Secretary for Safe and Drug-free Schools, U.S. Dept. of Education; 
Westboro Baptist Church; 
Keith Ellison - MN Congressman; 
San Francisco Police Department - Larry Brinken; 
Media Matters; 
Right Wing Watch
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Rachel Maddow Lawsuit
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