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Bradlee Dean on Coral Ridge TV's Memorial Day Special


Tune into Coral Ridge Ministries' (Dr. D James Kennedy's ministry) "Memorial Day Special" featuring Bradlee Dean and You Can Run Intl. with The Sons of Liberty Radio. Coral Ridge will be highlighting our ministry's message on "the price paid for our freedoms," in the spiritual and in the natural (see video on right). The feature includes an event with Karen Vaughn, mother of fallen Navy SEAL Team 6 soldier, Aaron Vaughn. In light of the recent Extortion 17 scandal, Karen Vaughn puts a testimony to our price message.
Watch it online here!
Tune in on Sunday, May 26th:
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WUCW (Ch. 23) @7:30a.m.
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Church Channel (Ch. 258) @ 9 a.m. CST 
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NRB Network (Ch. 181) @ 8p.m. CST
WHMB Sat (Ch. 173) @ 9a.m. CST
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 "I just want to say how much I appreciate the work Bradlee Dean and The Sons of Liberty are doing across this nation. As the mother of a patriot [Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn], I just want to say that this country needs more men like Bradlee, we need people speaking out about what our founders believed in, what the principles are that this country was created and founded upon. We need to re-patriotize America and I am so thankful that Bradlee is doing his part." - Karen Vaughn, mother of fallen Navy SEAL Team 6 Soldier, Aaron Vaughn
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