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The Sons of Liberty Saturate North Carolina: "Liberty Week"


Bradlee Dean and The Sons of Liberty recently saturated the state of North Carolina during our “Liberty Week” tour. The tour consisted of preaching at one tea party, eight churches, one public high school, seven secular college classes, one city-wide event in Rockingham, and the Truth for a New Generation (TNG) conference along side Lee Strobel, Tony Perkins, Josh McDowell, and more. Bradlee Dean also did a drum clinic and book signings for his testimony comic book “My War” at TNG.
Check out this response from Eddie on his experience with The Sons of Liberty during our "Liberty Week" tour in North Carolina:
"WOW! Talk about a wake up call of the sleeping giant in Richmond County, surrounding counties and our Nation, and yes I am just as guilty and ashamed and I served my country. I have no excuse but to look in the mirror and take responsibility for my own actions and say that it is my fault too for not knowing what I have learned during Liberty Week. I have let down Generation NEXT or better known now as ‘Generation WHY?’. I pray that ‘Generation WHY?’ and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will forgive me for letting you and Him down. I now know the TRUTH and I will move forward in learning more TRUTH and share it with everyone I meet. Thank You Jesus Christ for Sons of Liberty Radio and You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, Inc. and any and all other ministries out there that proclaim Jesus Christ Lord and Savior and are actively sharing the Gospel on the streets of America." – Eddie
See more photographs on our Facebook Page:
Bradlee Dean preaching to a classroom full of students at TNG. This was one of many classrooms that Bradlee spoke in throughout "Liberty Week"
Bradlee Dean preaching in a classroom full of kids at TNG. This is one of many classrooms The Sons of Liberty spoke in throughout "Liberty Week".
Bradlee Dean and Stephanie Joy with students at a public high school in North Carolina during "Liberty Week".
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