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Watch Viral Video: "Constitution Teacher" Gets Violent With Our Street Teams


Last week, our street ministry was attacked by a teacher outside of a Florida gas station. After viewing our sign that said, 'Support Christianity in Public Schools, The Constitution, and Honoring Soldiers,' the woman viciously attacked the cause by screaming "shame on you for wanting Christianity in schools," calling our staffers, "bigots", and [she] even stated, "I have a real problem with Christians."  
This attack is another example of the liberal agenda attacking Christianity across the nation. This type of assault, although not usually physically, happens on a regular basis to our street team ministers. Our Christian principles and values are under attack, and this event is a prime example. This is yet another healthy reminder not to cast your pearls before swine, lest they turn and rend you (Matthew 7:6).
 *Our street ministry travels across the nation preaching the gospel (Mark 16:15-16). Everyday we encounter witnessing opportunities, hear incredible testimonies, and inevitably encounter opposition. To see our daily collection of testimonies and encounters, VIEW AND "LIKE" OUR STREET MINISTRY ON FACEBOOK.
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