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Bradlee Dean

Bradlee Dean is the Founder and Executive Director of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International and The Sons of Liberty, an organization that has reached over 500,000 youth with a message of truth and hope in schools across this country.  He hosts a nationally syndicated radio show "The Sons of Liberty," a hard hitting radio program which attacks the hot issues of today, combats the lies in the media and re-establishes the foundations of our country.   Bradlee Dean is also drummer for the #1 Christian Band in the nation called "Junkyard Prophet," whose music videos have reached 111 million households four times over internationally and debuted on JCTV as 3rd in the United States.  Bradlee is endorsed by world-class companies such as Sonor, Gibraltar, Buttkickers, Beatnik (including his own signature drum pad), Hornet Drumsticks (including his own signature sticks), and Soultone Cymbals.  In addition to this, Bradlee has authored two books titled, The Grass Doesn't Work - The Rocks Do and Man of War, and has spoken in more than 360 public high schools nationwide in a multimedia presentation like none other.  Bradlee's assembly program deals with issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, the media, our Constitution, the founding fathers and the price paid by our veterans for the freedom we now have. 

Bradlee is also the author of Showing America the Price of Freedom magazine and stars in Deadlock, his signature drum instructional DVD.  In addition to this, he has spoken to countless churches, festivals, prisons, detention centers, radio and TV programs and more.  Bradlee Dean recently debuted on FOX News as a part of a radio extraordinaire guest panel on Fox and Friends, was featured on MSNBC and has been highlighted as a top story in various newspapers and magazines across the nation, including The Weekly Standard out of Washington, D.C. Bradlee Dean is director, star and author of the TV series titled, My War, which slings rocks at the political, social and immoral giants of our time bound to leave your jaw hanging and motivate your heart to action. Even after all this, Bradlee's most rewarding position is serving as husband and "Daddy" to five awesome boys.



Stephanie Joy

Stephanie Joy is the wife of Bradlee Dean.  She speaks to women young and old across America on being a Virtuous Woman.  Stephanie also sings in Junkyard Prophet, and is the author the Virtue magazines and One Heart; a book containing her testimony in Jesus Christ.  She is a mother to four boys and featured with her husband Bradlee on The Sons of Liberty Radio. You know her as our "Pretty Little Princess."




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