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Bradlee Dean Confronts “End-timers”


“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.” 

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Can you imagine our forefathers, while suffering the abuses of King George, stating, “This is it. It is all over with. Jesus is coming to get us out of here”? 

While America is enduring an onslaught of abuses greater than our forefathers, could it be a self-fulfilling prophecy due to the church’s lack of moral responsibility?

In the video below, Bradlee Dean confronts the “end times” mentality and prods the church to fulfill their duty to God and country.

Think the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case was bad? You should see what MSNBC and Rachel Maddow did to Bradlee Dean. Help his lawsuit against them. Stand for America and get your free gift.



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