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If Americans Understood the Price of Their Freedoms...
The Corporate News Networks Survive Off the Ignorance of the American People!
The American Empire: 737 Military Bases in 148 Countries - There are 196 Countries -Did You Know About This?
ACLU Barking Up Wrong Tree
Radical Homosexual Lobby Brainwashing Kids
State Run Media's Fake Poll Numbers: Knowing What You Stand For, Limits What You Will Fall For
America, Refuse to be Intimidated!
Hey Christians! Charge Hell with a Water Pistol!
Self-Created Hate Crimes
What Tyrants Have Not Learned From History!
The Bible or The Bayonet
Radical Muslim Keith Ellison Head of LGBT as Chairman
Who Does Terrorism Work For?
There is nothing that Islamic Devils can Do Against Millions of God-fearing Americans Armed to the Teeth
If You Want to See The God of Moses, Then Do What Moses Did!
If They Can Get You Asking the Wrong Questions, They Do Not Have to Give You The Right Answers!
The Two Party System: Divide and Conquer!
Judge Men Not By the Color of Their Skin, But by the Content of their Character: Principle over Opinion!
"Order Out of Chaos" So Who is Creating The Chaos?
America's Eye's are Wide Open to Gun Control!
Bradlee Dean: What Will be America's Fate? That is Up to You!
Bradlee Dean: It is Time to Emulate Our Forefathers!
Bradlee Dean: Tyrants Inevitably Reap What They Sow!
Vets Try to Put War Memories out of Their Minds – Obama Hopes You’ll Put His Crimes out of Yours
Federal Education Objective: Infiltrate Education By Removing Christ From The Classroom and The Little Girl Who Knew Better!
Terror: The Writing is on the Wall – How Governments Use Attacks to their Advantage
This is Why I Continue to tell America to Wake Up
Honor Veterans and the Office of the President- IMPEACH!
Elena Kagan: Supreme Court Justice Stands Ready To "Queerify" America
Unmasking Barack Obama’s Master
So Many Are Willing to Die For Her, How Many Are Willing to Live for Her?
Prevention Of Nazis In Germany Would Have Been Better Than Trials!
Obama is not Failing – He’s Succeeding!
Criminals Are Not Asking Permission to Commit Their Crimes Against Our Posterity
Homosexuality: The Political Battering Ram
Larry Brinkin: Racist, Gay Pedophile: The Man & His Associates the Militant Homosexuals Expect You to Forget!
Here's a Simple Means to Put Communists Out of Business
Bradlee Dean: Homosexual "Marriage" - Ask the Wrong Questions, Never Get The Right Answers
America’s Ignorance of the Constitution Gives the Criminal in the White House Permission to Destroy
Radical Homosexuals are at it Again - Self-Inflicting Hate
As They Create the Hate! The Relentless SPLC & Media Liars Exposed
"Trouble Shooters" The Heart of The Prophet!
Confronting 'End times' Mentality: Raptured From Responsibility?
When We Are Silent About The Crimes Of Illegal Aliens We Are Consenting To Them
Preacher & Rocker Bradlee Dean Teaches College Professors a Thing or Two About America’s Heritage
Bradlee Dean: The DARE Program Inadvertently Teaches Students how to use Drugs
Totalitarianism Attempts to Silence Opposition!
Michael Bloomberg on his $50 Million Gun Confiscation Group: "It Isn't Gun Control"
Boy Scouts of America, Have You Looked Across the Border to Canada?
America, It’s Your Job to Correct the Crimes of the TSA
Obama is Protecting Himself from the People He is supposed to Serve
That Will Never Happen Here! What will be your fate America?
Stan Montieth - Legendary Radio Show Host Passes into Glory
Obama Wears A Crown, But George Washington Bore A Cross
Will You Live & Fight To Restore The Republic?
How The Supreme Court is Dancing With The Devil
Save the Nation: Pull Your Kids from the Public Schools
America’s Enemies: It’s not a Foreign Government that’s restricting our Rights
America’s Enemies: It’s not a Foreign Government that’s restricting our Rights
You Have 30 Minutes to Explain to the Founding Forefathers what has become of America!
What is Ignorance, Tolerance and Corruption Breeding in America?
The Devil's Minions
America the Deceived - Same Method, Same War, Same End!
This SPLC Minion Will Be Held Accountable for Threatening Churches
Sodomites & City Leaders Oppose God and Country - But We Took It To Them
Bureaucrats’ Cry: Just Doing My Job!
How Much Media Fraud Will America Tolerate?
Either You Will be Ruled by God, or You Will be Ruled by Tyrants!
I'll Buy Ticket to Shariah Nation of Your Choice
They Would Just Sing Louder!
Supremes Contemplate Making War Against Heaven
Are You the Next Braveheart or Esther?
The Devil is in The Details
Government by Intimidation:  Identifying the Real Terrorists!
Glenn Beck Promotes Wrong Kind of Fear!
Legitimizing Hillary’s Crimes
Hollywood-Washington Anti-Gunners Promote Gun Violence!
Have You Been OUTFOXED?
How to Recognize The Greatest Leaders
The Islamic Mosqueing of Public Schools in America
The History of Tyranny - The Government was Guilty of Breaking the Law!
God's Law, War and a Jailed County Clerk
At War - All the Time
Had Enough Crime Yet, America?
America: Beware the Smiling Traitor!
Disney, Sea World and Universal Employee’s Caught in Sex Stings, Child Porn Arrests. Disney Moves Forward!
Identifying God Sent Prophets!
America’s Reprobate, Cecil-Loving Youth
The Sodomites are Aiming for Your Kids!
Are You Guilty of Being a Real Leader?
The History Tyrants Have Learned From America’s Forefathers!
When Injustice Looks, Smells and Has the Color of Law
Look at what the Grown-Ups have done with This Country!
Handing it to Hillary – Confusion by Design
Tempting Fate! - Famous Last Words
Clear and Present Danger!
Violated with a Smile on Their Face - As the TSA Laughs!
Glutton for Punishment – America Has Not Learned Her Lesson from Barack!
They Asked, He Answered!
Let The Hammer Fall!
Profiteers of Governing - And These are the Ones Who got Caught!
Gun Salesman of the Decade: Barack Hussein Obama
The Manipulating Tyrant Cries for Sympathy to Violate Your Rights
When the Walls come tumbling down!
National Suicide? Nobody Knows Who Obama Is!
Executive Orders - Where is This Administration getting this Authority?
The Voice of a Tyrant: Now Obama wants your Guns!
How the Corrupt Tree is Nourished!
Denying the Obvious - Actions Speak Louder Than Words!
Everything this President is doing is Benefiting ISIS!
America, Is It a Foreign Enemy Attacking You?
How Did that Happen? It Didn’t, But if you thought it did, that is all that Matters to Them!
The Earmarks of Liars!
Non-Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to Satan!
American Outlaws
Don’t Get Rid of the Guns - Get Rid of the Criminal Politicians!
The Homosexual Manifesto is Just Satire! Silly Americans!
America, Sheep to the Slaughter
When are Americans Going to Learn the Lesson?
Target’s CEO is off America’s Radar
The Test - Who would you choose for the Next President?
Government-Ordained Preying on the Innocent!
Setting the Slaves Free!
America's First and Last Mistake!
FBI Looking for Clues in the Orlando Shooting? Look No Further Than…
The Line is Drawn America! Warn the Rulers with Resistance!
They are in it together! Hillary, Barack and the Foreigners within!
Grinding Down The (American) Slaves and Crushing Them from Beneath!
When the Devil Becomes the Blind Reprobate Man’s Standard!
The American Appeasers: Gowdy, Issa and Chaffetz - The Show Goes On
We Have No King But Caesar!
The American Chameleons – Round 2
Executive Orders: Attempting to Out Gun Americans!
Back to School: The Cesspool of Illegal Indoctrination
ISIS: Modern Day Global Version of Hitler's SS
The Enemy on the Field!
America, “We destroyed Ourselves”
Political Decoys - Body Doubles - Nothing New
Americans, So Easily Controlled!
The Same Old Games! The Revelations of Donald Trump and His Affections…
Controlled Opposition: No Other Options? Who Told You That?
Deal With the Warmongers: American Politicians
Exposing Hillary’s Concealed Transparencies!
Americans Want Hillary in Jail - Rightly So!
When the Clowns Laugh at their Own Jokes: The Joke is on You, America!
Undocumented (Illegal) Citizens that Contribute to America?
Who Are These Protesters? Let Them Tell You…
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is Alluring, Funding and Protecting Illegals Regardless of Innocent Americans
America, Hillary (The Establishment) Means to Sink Your Ship!
When the Enemies of God Agree with One Another/ And One Calls Himself a Preacher!
Whatever the People Believe is The Truth! Not True!
The Exploitation of America’s Children!
Islam in the Hands of the Globalists: Either Submit or Else?
Obama’s Legacy Is America’s Legacy
The American Politician: Yes, We Are Corrupt!
Warning Rejected - Curse Now in Place!
And a Muslim Leads Them: Hollywood’s “Useful Idiots” at War with God and America
Finish What President John F. Kennedy Intended: “Splintering the CIA Into a Thousand Pieces!”
Governments are admitting to False Flags, After the Damage is done!
When Drugging Replaced Spanking
The Religion of Evolution vs. The Facts
Homosexual "Marriage": Never Before In History
The Crimes of the TSA
Planned Parenthood's Ministers & Minions
Go Into Mexico Illegally: You are Arrested, Deported or Jailed
Hate Crimes: Bigotry in Reverse
Right and Wrong: Permanent Fixtures
When "Gays" are the Real Haters
When a President Assaults Our Military
Americans Honoring What Offends The Law!
Bullies in the Newsroom
President Trump, You May Have Forgotten, But I Have Not
Supreme Court: A Law Unto Themselves
The Selective Prosecution of the FBI
Game Over, "Moderate" Conservatives: You Must Capture the Hearts & Minds of the Youth if You want to Survive
How to Shut Down a Tyrant
Are We as Asleep as the Germans in the '30s?
School Shooters & Pharamceuticals
1 Thing Tyrants Forget that God does not
The Loony Professor and the Desperation of the State-Controlled Media
Minnesota: A Letter of Indictment
How America Really Feels About Homosexual 'Marriage'
Disney, Sea World and Universal Employee’s Caught in Sex Stings, Child Porn Arrests. Disney Moves Forward!
History has Tried to Teach America, but She will not Learn
The Danger of Talking-Head Conservatives
Where is Your God Now? The Same Place that He Was When He was Warning You!
Silent Majority: You Put Off the Day of Disaster and Bring Near a Reign of Terror
Creating War While Leading Through Opposition!
Modern Education (Indoctrination): The Making of Slaves
Criminals Masquerading as Mayors in Sanctuary Cities!
Enemies Within Re-Writing American History
Learn From American History - Throw off the Tyrants!
We All Just Need To Co-Exist – You First!
The Enemy Within Blows Their Cover Once Again
The Ten Things the American People Have Learned from History. The Problem & The Answer
Paul Ryan Helped Open the Gates to the Wolves!
NOT TRUE! Evil Prevails because Good People Do Nothing!
The Founding Forefathers Meant to Unite by Dividing with Truth
There Is No Debate: It Is Illegal & Unconstitutional No Matter What They Re-Name it!
A Politician is a Fellow Who Will Lay Down “Your” Life for His Country!
Confronting the Oppressors!
Minneapolis Protesters to Mayor Betsy Hodges: “Stop Terrorizing Us!”
Who Does the President Work For?
Teaching Corrupt Politicians in Government to Fear the Consequence of Violating Law like Our Forefathers did!
The Modern Definition of a Hater = Tell the Truth
Southern Poverty Law Center’s Revolt Against American Law - Full Frontal Attack on Law-abiding Americans!
Same Agenda Moving Forward Regardless of Who is the President! The Responsible Party is….
Parents of Public School Students, What Are You Supposed To Do?
Are We talking about The Same President that Today's Conservatives are Propping up, or Someone else? Things are Not Lining Up!
I Never said Anything about it being Donald Trump - You Did!
Divisive and Diversive Tactics at Work in America
America, Are You Drinking the Cool-Aide?
Eyewitnesses Accounts Contradict Media’s LAS VEGAS Narrative!
Why are President Donald Trump’s Appointees Protecting The Clintons?
Laying it to the Feet of the Responsible Party… So We Can Clearly See!
Corrupt Politicians Are Helping Make Way For Muslims To Attack America
Consider the Source, America!  Accusers are Guilty!
There Must be Consequence When it Comes to False Accusations!
Muslim Mosques –Military Bases in America?
Sickness Pays, Even When You Are Not Sick!
To Resign with a Slap on the Hand Is NOT Enough! Prosecution Must Commence!
CNN’S “Useful Idiot” Jake Tapper Cheerleads Muslims to Serve in American Government!
The New Administration’s Push for War!
Public Servants Working to Hand Over the US to Illegal Immigrants are Personally Responsible for their Crimes!
To the 94% Who Don't Believe the Media, Who Told You Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton Are “The Most Admired Persons"?
The Grooming of Oprah Winfrey: Setting the Stage
The New Civil Rights Hero-The Oppressed Victim of Circumstance, Colin Kaepernick?
Unifying the People Under God will Expose and Drive-out the Enemies Within!
DACA: Judicial Activism - Teeing it up for Sonia Sotomayor
The Clowns Entertaining the Goats! How do you Justify the Unjustifiable? You Cannot!
Warning Went Unheeded, Again! Tragedy in Florida: A Letter from a Student…
Herb Brooks and the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team Beat the Russians! Their Secret?…
High School Students Shouting “No More Guns” - Oh, How Anti-Gun Dictators of The Past Would Be Proud!
Federal and State Protections for Muslims Promoting Death, Torture, Terrorism to Un-Believers in America? The Law Says Otherwise, So Does Common Sense!
School Shooting: False Flag - What History Teaches Us!
Chaos, How Could It Be Otherwise? Americans Do Not Believe Their Own Message
Seeds of Indoctrination are in Harvest today! Fiction vs. Reality
Forefathers Face-off with Modern Politicians - The 2nd Amendment is a God-Given RIGHT, Americans, not a Privilege!
Grass Roots Student Led Protest? Think Again! CIA Controlled Media-School Principles Orchestrate Walk-out! (Parent Records Principals Directives)
Keeping You Outside the Building - Parkland High School Shooting has 70 Cameras & Only 4 Released
Political Champions say Do as I say, Do Not Do as I do!
Before Stripping Yourselves of the Right to Bear Arms, You Might Want to Consider…
$1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bill Sold as “National Security” - Funds Avowed to America’s Enemies
Tearing Down The Pagans & Putting Christ In Their Place
If You Want to Change the Future, You are going to Have to Trouble the Present, Just Like Jesus!
“Just Not Too Much Truth,” Say the Hypocrites! The Saga Continues…
Biblical and Constitutional Illiteracy are the Recipe for Tyranny
The Ever Changing Promises About The Wall – Now You’re Paying For It!
Americans: Greatly Armed “Obstacles”
Disarmed Countries - What Do they Look Like?
Nazi Style Disarmament - Look As People Who Do Not Learn From History Suffer The Same Mistakes
Facebook’s - CIA’s Controlled Standard of Fact Checking, Think Again!
Tired Yet of The Brow Beatings by Those Who Mean to Destroy and Dominate Your Country?
What is Deterring the Next School Shooter from Acting Out in a Society that Shows More Mercy on the Criminal than the Victims?
Supreme Court is Advocating Crime, Calling it Free Speech!
Mr. President, You Have Been Given The Authority To Prosecute, Why Haven’t You?
Did the Political Prisoners of the Holocaust Live Politics?
Why Politicians Think that They are Above The Law
If The Politicians Want Un-Constitutional Wars, Then Let’s Send Them! This is how the Wars will End!
Door to Door Gun Confiscation: No Longer Law Enforcement, Now Agents of the State!-Don’t Let it Get This Far America
If You Want To Fill The Seats, Just Promote The Fight - Driving Support Communist Style
What Does “Actor” Rocky Balboa and Today’s Benedict Arnolds "Politicians" Have in Common? They are Both Actors!
Soldiers of the Cross - Who the Real & Counterfeits Are!
America, Do You Want the Sand or Do You Want the Bread?
Biblical Illiterates Reverse Romans 13: Teach Submit to Tyranny!
Barack Hussein Obama: Con Man & Criminal Admits He is Foreign-Born
Those Attacking Donald Trump Are Not Being Prosecuted - They Are Being Rewarded!
The “Deep State” Cannot Do What They Do Without Someone Doing it For Them!
Donald Trump: “I don’t Want to Hurt The Clintons, They’re Good People”
Hollywood’s Fallen Stars-Billy Graham?
There is NO Queen of Heaven
How Can the American Church be at Peace with a Country that is at War with God?
Global Media Is At War With America, & You Know It!
The American Empire: 737 Military Bases in 148 Countries - There are 196 Countries -Did You Know About This?
The Media is Diverting Your Attention From the 35 Known Jihadi Camps in America! You Should Be Asking, Why?
While the American People Sleep, The Muslims are Making Their Move for Government Positions!
The Muslims are Bringing Their Culture with Them - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
The Media Attempting to Divert Muslim Primary Victories- Victory Speeches in Arabic! (Video)
Sodom and Gomorrah was Judged by God Because Men Refused to Keep His Commandments in Dealing with the Wicked!
Christmas & A Carnival? The Media & Corrupt Politicians Are Handing Your Country Off To Those Who Mean To Destroy You!
“Song Bird” McCain a Hero? Look at Who Is Honoring Him - That is NOT What the POWs & Veterans are Saying (Video)
American Missionaries - First Things First!
Nike Betrays the People by Crowning the Traitor!
Pointing the Finger-This is What Preachers Do!
While You Were at The Minnesota State Fair (Letter Sent to Local Clergyman)
NBC’s Transgender Attacks Bradlee Dean & Alex Jones by Playing the Victim
If Americans Understood the Price of Their Freedoms
The Corporate News Networks Survive Off the Ignorance of the American People!
Politicians Don’t Want to Go Outside of Their Scripted Talking Points-Their Agenda Would Fall Apart
Which One Will It Be? Obedience to the Law that Makes You Free or Your Favorite Politician who Further Enslaves?
The Media Covering Up 100 Somali Teens & Adults Assaulting Families-Children at Amusement Park
Facebook, Twitter, Google, Etc. are Subversive to American Government
Bradlee, Censorship Sounds a Little Conspiratorial! It Sure Does.
Created Opposition Will Be Blamed - But They Are The Ones Doing The Attacking!
America, Did You Forget About The Created “Fake News” Legalization from 2016 Which is Being Played Out Today?
Minnesota’s CAIR‘s Jaylani Hussein Tries to Link White Christian Protestants to the KKK!
The Fix is In! Who Voted in A Sanctuary State Governor? A Sodomite Sheriff? A Terror Tied Muslim?
The Forerunners of the American Revolution: The Black Robed Regiment
ABC Uses 11-Year-Old “Drag” to Test Response! America, Are You Going to Stand Down on This One Too? It Has Always Been About The Kids
This Message Changes? When The Lord Does And That Just Isn’t Going To Happen
Modern Day Professed Christian Singer Lauren Daigle Couldn’t Answer the Questions! Where is Christ?
Standing with Good Government in Striking Down the Corrupt Tree: Obamacare
Who Gave Congress Delegated Authority to These Subversive Organizations to Operate in America? The People Didn’t!
Sanctuary State-City: Another Police Officer Murdered by Illegal Immigrant - Law States Governor, Mayor & Legislators Are Legally Responsible!
They’re Going After Your Guns, Again! What Did Your Forefathers Teach You to Do? It’s Time to Resist!
How Does the “Deep State” Push Their Agenda Forward Without America’s Politicians Doing it for Them?  They Cannot!
Americans that Tolerate Corrupt Politicians to Sow Seeds-The Nation Will Reap
Either Jesus Will Be Your King Or Your Man Made King Will Be Your God!
Formal Believers, That Just Do Not Believe!
Learning The Lesson:  Where Our Forefathers Drew The Line!
Did You Know That Your Government is Arming Agencies Like the IRS, DHS, VHA, OIG, SSA, NPS?
Justifying The Deeds Of The Damned
The "Good Guys" are Illegally Pushing for Door to Door Confiscation through Red Flag Polices - Not Law! Learn From History
The End Times “Gloom and Doom” Filthy Hippies!
The Muslims are Colonizing Under Your Noses - Putting Muslim Representatives Into Position Only to Attack!
Presidential Candidate: I Cannot Help Myself, I Was Born This way! It’s Gods Fault - Blasphemy!
Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar “Warmly Welcomed” Into An American Public School! (Video)
Contrary to What You Have Been Promised, Your Country is Literally Being Handed Off to Foreigners (Videos)
The Question that Americans Should Be Asking their Acting Representatives? Where Did You Get that Authority?
The Muslim Invasion is Not Something that You are Able to Run From-The Lord is Going to Get Your Attention One Way or Another!
How to Detect a Business that is Serving Itself – A Business Soon to Be Out of Business
The President Attempting to De-Criminalize Sodomy – The Question that Needs to Be Asked, Why is Sodomy Illegal?
196,000 Illegals Just Released Into American Cities with All Inclusive Packages - Work Permits - Benefits on Their Way
Operation Wetback: President Eisenhower’s Answer to Illegal Immigrants in America - He Deported Them!
General Wesley Clark Said 18 Years Ago “Planned Wars”, 7 Countries in 5 Years, Finishing Off Iran! (Video)
Hand Picked Presidential Candidates - What About The Other 200 Candidates The Media Never Told You About? All Driving Support…
We are Under the Control of The Globalists - You and the Globalists are Sadly Mistaken! Live Your Lives Where…
As The Show Goes On …Ted Cruz Jumps on Board to Add to The List of American Appeasers “Grilling” Big Tech Companies - What a Joke!
To The 94% Who Say They Don't Believe The Mainstream Media, Who Told You Michelle Obama Is The Most Admired Woman? Here We Go Again…
Out of Their Own Mouths: The Muslims are Telling You Their Plans–Infiltrate American Government (Video)
Here We Go Again: Mainstream Media Counters Eye Witness Accounts! 4 Men in Black as Shooters In El Paso
Controlled Opposition: The Best that the Conservatives Have to Offer, Is the Very Reason that America is in Trouble Today!
The Administration that Promised to “Make America Great Again” Is Stripping Away Your Rights! Wake Up! (Press Releases-Videos )
The Father of the Bill of Rights Warned: The Best Way to Enslave the People is to Disarm Them!
Taxing America To Death: 545 Responsible For This Mess Who Unite In Common Con Job
A Leading to War… How Long are Americans Going to Allow the Corrupt Media and Government to Set the Narratives?
Stop the Press! 156 Eyewitness Accounts Were Omitted From The Mainstream Media’s Narrative Concerning September 11, 2001- Here They Are!
Firearms Are The People’s Liberty Teeth - It Is For Americans to Grin (Resist) In The Face Of Tyranny!
Americans Say That They Love Their Freedoms, But What Do They Love More?
Hirelings In The Pulpits Of American Churches Are Teaching Sheep To Submit To Wolves In Government Who Are Seeking To Devour
George Washington Warned of The Party Spirit: Democrats vs. Republicans is A Political Language Devised to Divide The American People!
Because Our Forefathers Did Not Submit To Tyranny 243 Years Ago, Americans Still Have The Freedom Today To Right The Wrongs!
Gun Grabbers: Trick & Lure - “Trump Wants To Make A Deal” And It's Not Good! (A Letter You Must Read)
Attorney General Keith Ellison: Accuser of The Innocent, Defender of The Guilty – Attempting to Equate Hate to The Law that Exposes Their Crimes
Time to Hold Government, Individuals & Agencies Accountable For Those Killed & Injured During Shootings In “Gun Free Zones”
Celebrity Conversions That Just Don’t Line Up With Scripture
Politicians: Ignorant Men Praise Them For What They Say - Wise Men Condemn Them For What They Do
"You Are So Heavenly Minded, You Are No Earthly Good" - Can You Show Me That In Scripture? Didn’t Think So
Birmingham School Confronts LGBT Indoctrination After Parents Pull Their Children - Guess Who the Parents Were?
Identifying America’s Enemies: Judges & Politicians Handing Out Licenses to Illegals – This is Treason!
Militia Standing Against Tyrant In Virginia Who Failed To Learn His History - 90 Out Of 95 Counties 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties
Vigilante Justice: When The Law Fails To Serve Us, Then We Must Serve As The Law!
Government: This is About America’s Safety - 18 Republican Governors Ask For More Muslim Refugees As “Christian Charity”
President Accuses Obama Of Funding Iran, DOJ “Finds Nothing” On Hillary Clinton - Overlooks Their Treason! 
Protestants: The Power of Protest – Obedience to God is Found in Resisting Tyrants - The Language of Our Forefathers
A Letter From the American Forefathers: We Warned You! 
Terror-Tied CAIR Attacking Minnesota Church Clergy – They Are Not The Victims, They Are Perpetrators Pushing For Absolute Rule
Judicial Watch Reports: Trump Aiding & Abetting Terror Tied Muslim Organizations in America By Dumping Tens of Millions Into Them - More Than 3 Times That Of Obama
Calling Out The Current Administration For Its Unconstitutional Transgressions, According to His Followers-Worshippers is “Fake News.” Yes, They Are This Brainwashed! Shooting the Messengers
The Conditioning of Americans: Politicians Allure Illegals In, ICE Rounds Them Up - What is The Real Objective? You!
Americans Allowing the Church & Government to Create a World Without God, Deserve the Hell That It Will Get!
US Military Members in Turbans, Beards & Hijabs: Representatives & Mainstream Media Apparently Forgot About Fort Hood - I Haven’t!
93% of Muslims in American Government Do Not and Will Not Express Support for the US Constitution! How Long Before the People Respond?
Hitler Never Pulled the Trigger: His Subordinates Said That They Were Just Doing Their Job!
Gun Sales Are Up 309%: The Voice that Tyrants & Mainstream Media Don't Want You To Hear!
Not Everyone in Government is Going Along With this Nazi-Like or Soviet-Style Propaganda - Good Government is Resisting!
Since When Did Bill Gates Become the President of The United States? Then Why is Every Member on Donald Trump's Coronavirus Response Team Pushing His Vaccinations? (Videos)
Bill Gates Dad Was Head of Planned Parenthood (60 Million Babies Murdered), Inspired His Population Control Views – And He Wants to Help People? Get Behind Me Satan! (Videos)
Doctors: Not About Covid-19, Not About Science, It is About Control! The Video that Exposes the Government's Narrative Concerning COVID-19 is Being Scrubbed From the Internet. (Video Posted Here)
“Essential Workers:” The Government and The Mainstream Media Have The People Talking Like The Political Prisoners Under The Third Reich
A Criminal Disguised As A Governor: Minnesota's Tim Walz
As Americans Turn Their Backs On The Lord From Their Own Longevity, The Politicians Turn Their Backs on the People in Handing Over the Country to Illegals
Americans Have It Backwards: How Many Politicians Have Been Arrested Over The Last 6 Weeks FOR Violating The US Constitution? On The Other Hand… How Many Americans Have Been Arrested For Standing For It?
Any Questions Left Concerning The Cornavirus as Being a Manufactured Crisis, This Will Surely Put Them to Rest - 2003
Deranged Bill Gates Accuses Those Who Refuse to Take His Vaccines As Those That Are Endangering The Lives of Others - Did He Forget That He Is The One That Wants to Depopulate The World? His Wife Now Takes the Stage…
White, Black, Yellow, Tan: We Are All People of Color & We Must Come To Terms With Who The Enemies Are & It Is Not Each Other!
Mayor Orders American Flags Removed From All City Buildings For Safe Keeping - Outside Groups Coming Into His City - People In City Rise Up In Protest Of Mayor
Hunting Politicians: You Can Only Oppress The People For So Long!
Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar Wants To “Dismantle America” During This Revolution!
To Whom Is This Generation Looking? There Is Only ONE Who Can Pull You Out Of The Mire - Just ONE!
If We Want To Make America Again, “We the People“ Will Have To Make Corrupt Politicians Fear the Punishment Again, and Soon!
Good News: You No Longer Have To Choose Between The Lesser Of Two Evils - There Are Now 1,156 Candidates Running For The Presidency…
Since When Did Bill and Melinda Gates Become Licensed Doctors? Gates Paying For Desired Outcome -This Is Illegal!
While You Were Distracted Again By The Main Stream Media, 87 Politicians Are Being Exposed For Their “Horrific” Crimes Against Children
NOT HIDING IT ANYMORE: San Francisco's Scott Wiener Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Men With Boys Sex! Pedophile In New Jersey Says He Wants His Right To Sexual Contact With Children, Appeal Granted!
Created Crisis: They Have Lost The Coronavirus Narrative - Now Yale University Is Attempting To Manipulate People Into Taking The Vaccinations (Video)
Federal Judge: 'There Is NO Pandemic Exception To The Constitution’ - Then Why Are Americans Going Along With It?
Bill Gates: Those Who Engage In Anti-Vaccine Efforts…They Kill Children! Ever Take The Time To Know What Is In Vaccines? (Videos)
While Pedophile Faces Death By Firing Squad For Molesting Children In Indonesia, California Passes Bill To Reduce Penalties For Sex With “Willing Children”
Another Federal Judge Rules That Coronavirus Shut Downs Are Unconstitutional - Of Course They Are!
South Dakota Governor: I Don’t Have The Authority To Lockdown The State, They Are Attacking Our Religious Freedoms - What Is It That The People Don’t See Here?
Anthony Fauci: The Most Despised Con-man On The Planet Is Being Hailed By Time Magazine As One Of The Most Influential…See How This Works
“Burn Your Masks”: Attorney Katherine Henry Wins Over The Tyrant In Michigan
Power Hungry Governor Struck Down By The Courts Again! Why Are The People Still Wearing Masks?
Driving & Controlling The Narrative At All Costs: How Much More Telling Can Facebook's Subversiveness & Lawlessness Be?
American Church: Taking Off The Robe Of Christ For Tyrants Lest We Offend The Weak?
Germany In Defiance Toward Tyranny: In Case You Were Under The Delusion That Everyone Is Just Going Along With It!
If Trump Would Have Prosecuted Biden For Treason, He Would Not Have Become Your President Elect!
Are You Paying Attention? Another Governor Bites The Dust! Judge Says Wisconsin Governor Oversteps His Authority!
Christians: The Forefathers Appeal Was To Jesus/Heaven - Not To Their Favorite Politicians!
What Happens To A Nation That Refuses To Hold Their Representatives To The Standard Of American Government (Common Law)? You Get Governors Creating Policies That War Against The Law (Video)
Do As I Unconstitutionally Say, But Do Not Do As I Hypocritically-Criminally Do! More Corrupt Politicians Playing Political Theatre
Globally Refusing Vaccines: 75% Of Israelis Refusing To Get Vaccinated
Unlawfully Corralling You Into Taking Vaccinations: Politicians & Mainstream Media Want To Remind You That There Is Nothing You Can Do To Vaccine Companies If There Are Serious Side Effects
Major Victory: What Happens When Americans Fight The Good Fight Of Faith Against Tyranny? They Win! Here Is Another Example
Dr. David Martin: They Are “Using The Word Vaccine To Sneak This Under Public Health Exemptions” - This Is NOT A Vaccine! (Video)
Death By Vaccine: The Last Things They Wanted You To Hear! (Video)
Leading The People To Empty Promises: ‘Q-Anon’ Just Another Psyop To Keep You Distracted
Another Bill Targeting Americans: According To US Government Documents, Most Americans Are “Domestic Terrorists”
Refresher Course: After The Damage Is Done, In Many Cases, Governments Are Admitting To The False Flags
Picking And Choosing What Works For Their Agenda: The Supreme Court Wants To Decide Whether Or Not Police Can Enter Your Home To Seize Guns
Modern Day Brown Shirts At It Again: : Michigan Senate Majority Leader Stated Capitol Takeover Was ‘Staged’ And A ‘Hoax’ in Secretly Recorded Conversation
Like Being Lied To Americans? Kamala Harris Returns Home, 2 People Welcome Her - The Mainstream Media Told Us That She And Biden Had 80 Million Votes - Where Are They? They DO NOT EXIST!
Another Doctor Comes Forward: For All The Information That Is Out On This Fraudulent Plandemic, One Has To Ask Why No One Has Been Charged (Video)
I Thought That It Was Not About The Children - Of Course It Is! It Always Has Been, Just Ask Them….
The Israeli Vaccine Holocaust Just Got Worse: They Are Now Told That They Can Have Their Freedoms Back Only If They Take The Vaccines!
World-Wide Protests: History Does Teach Us That You Can Only Oppress A People Only For So Long - Here It Comes Again (Videos)
"Jesus Would Too" BLASPHEMY: Political Pawn Franklin Graham Steps Into To Tell You, While The World Protests, To Buy Into What The Corrupt Are Selling - Vaccines!
Video: People Take Stand For Business Owner, Tell Health Department Gestapo “To Get Out”
One Thing That The "Officials" Forgot To Tell You About The Vaccines, The Truth (Video)
Manipulating Vaccine Recipients Numbers To Isolate The Non Vaccinated - Their Hyper Inflated Numbers Are Just Not True!
Do You Remember The 60 Minutes Vaccine Fallout From 1976? Sounds Real Familiar - Fraud Then, Fraud Now! (Video)
Political Theatre - They Do Not Even Believe Their Own Propaganda, Just Watch Them! (Video)
Hi-Jacking Government: FDA Authorizes Emergency Use For Pfizer’s mRNA Injections On 12-15-Year-Olds - Up To State Governors To Save Children
Sean Hannity Pretends With Bruce Jenner - This Is Why You Have A Left (Video)
Jezebellian Michigan Governor: She Is Only Sorry That She Got Caught, And Boy Did She Get Caught!
When A Drag Queen Warns You About The Children, Maybe You Should Listen!
The American Government Promoting And Celebrating What It Should, By Law, Be Condemning!
Warning Came In 2018 Before Plandemic: Today In Pakistan They Shut Off Phone Service To Those Who Refused Vaccines
When The Criminals Set The Precedent: President Reagan’s Would Be Assassin John Hinckley Jr. Wants His Due!
Only In America: Which One Is Worse, Those Who Are Writing The Curriculum, Or The Parents Who Are Subjecting Their Kids To It?
NEA To Vote On Mandatory Covid-19 For School Children - Not Their Place! Can We Say Coup d'état? (Video)
Bonnie And Clyde: Why Do You Want To See Their Car? Isn't That Glorifying The Devil? Just The Opposite!
The Masses Globally Are Not Running To Get Vaccinated, They Are Running To Defy The Tyrants - When Will People Learn The Enemy's (Mainstream Media) Tactics?
If Everyone Is So Sick And Tired Of The Establishment, Then Why Are So Many Still Playing The Same Game? (Videos)
“Just Get the D@#% Vaccine:” And Americans Were Warned At Every Given Step That This Was Coming…
Why Is It That The French, The Germans, The English, Etc. Act More Like The Children Of Our Forefathers Than Most Americans Do? (Video)
Do Not Tell Me One Person Cannot Make A Change!
For Those Of You Throwing Off This “Plandemic” As A Mere Conspiracy Theory (Apparently The Government Is Telling You The Truth This Time), Your Negligence Is About To Become A Reality - The Corrupt CDC Means To Intern People For The Greater Good
We Have All Of The Information That We Need: Tolerating More Political Crimes, Politicians, Agencies Within State & Federal Governments Is The Recipe For Self-Destruction
This Is How The People's Representatives Should Be Upholding The Law Against ALL Crimes! (Video)
When Hollywood Hypocrites Preach To The American Church, This Is What You Get!
Billy, Franklin And Now Introducing Will Graham:
The Blood On The Hands Of Propagandist And Warmonger Colin Powell
The "Heroes That The People Need" ( Fear-Mongers) Capitalizing Off The American People! Where Is The Justice?
I’m Going To Answer The Questions To The "Accredited Media" - Accredited? Think Again - “We All Lie For The CIA”
If You Ever Want To Know The Truth, Just See What The Wicked Are Afraid Of… Actress' Poll Backfires
The Devil That Wants To Depopulate The World By 3 Billion People, Also Wants To Make Sure You Are Punished If You Dare Speak Out Against His Agenda!
Trying To Drive A Wedge: The Same Losing Team Of Propagandists and “Useful Idiots” (Video)
Anthony Fauci Doesn’t Represent Science, He Represents Nazi Dr. Mengele [VIDEO]
Attorney: Justice Will Not Come Through The Courts But By The People Rising Up!
Let Me Get This Right, You Want The Same Supreme Court To Weigh In On Vaccine Mandates As They Did On…
Marjorie Taylor Greene, Who Decried “Vaccine Nazis,” Found Investing Into Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca
MUST WATCH: Holocaust Survivor Has This Warning For You – The Nazis Accused The Jews Of What The Unvaccinated Are Being Accused Of Today!
We Warned You That It Was Coming - Hunting Politicians- It's Happening
He Said It In Front Of Everyone: This Is What They Do Not Want You To Hear, But Then Again, Who's Asking? (Video)
Everything They Touch Is Cursed! Sodomite Comic Book Bombs!
They Are Breaking The Law: Corporations Working Hand-In-Glove To Enforce Illegal Government Mandates = Fascism
It Is Only A Question That You Can Answer: Americans Vs. Foreigners (Short Video)
Are You Enraged Yet? Double-Vaccinated 20-Year-Old Florida Model Suffers Heart Attack And Has Both Legs Amputated
Jamming The Mainstream Media: People Are Starting To Catch On
“Fake News” Mainstream Media Outlets Are Never Censored, Just Those That Tell The Truth Are The Ones That Are Censored!
Actor, Comedian, Homosexual: Meet The Man That The Mainstream Media Failed To Introduce - President from Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy
As The Cover-Ups Continue : Young Military Men Are Dying In Their Bunks and Not A WORD From The Mainstream Media
US Government Paid Mainstream Media $1 Billion in Tax Dollars To Falsify Covid-19 "Vaccine" Narrative
Homeland Security Defines Law Abiding Americans as Potential Terrorists (Video)
The Poisoning of America’s Food Supply: 45 Out of 86 Products Contained Alarming Levels of Glyphosate
Smiling Governor Signs Bill To Make Parents Aware of the Sexual Grooming Materials for Their Children
Regardless Of Disney Employees Being Exposed for Crimes Against Children, They Say That a Poll Now Suggests Day Care for Theme Parks
Unscriptural Heresy: The Rapture is Created as an Exit Strategy for Those Who Have Refused to Obey the Lord (Video)
Hey Representatives, We Already Know The Crimes Of Which They Are Guilty - Where Is the Prosecution? (Video)
OUTRAGEOUS: But are They Poor? Unbiblical and Unconstitutional Welfare Now Has 59 Million Dependents
Another “Gun Free” Zone School Shooting? - Time to Hold Politicians Accountable… (Video)
Do Mass Murderers Represent the Law-Abiding Gun Owners? Then Why are the Law Abiders Always Accused and Punished? THINK!
The Very Ones Accusing the American People for Gun Crimes are The Very Ones that are Responsible for the Crimes Against the Innocent! (Video)
Gay Pride Month: Interesting How the Government is Giving a Month of Celebration to What it is that American Laws Condemn!
Christianity: This Isn't The Military! Oh, Yes It Is!
Bloodguiltiness: It Isn’t Over Yet- There Will Be Recompense On The Heads Of The Guilty
Gun Owners, Are You Tired of Being Accused of the Crimes of the Guilty? (Video)
By the Looks and Inactions of Franklin Graham I Can See Why the Enemies of Righteousness are So Encouraged (Video)
Jesus Was The One That Told You To Buy That Sword
Bradlee Dean Taking the Time to Confront Antifa to Their Face! (Video)
Saturday's Radio Show Censored For Exposing The Mainstream Media’s Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out Be True! (Video)
Unconstitutional Agency: The Department of Homeland Security Whistleblower Confirms the Unthinkable - 30-40,000 Children are Being Smuggled Through Texas! (Video)
Marjorie Taylor Greene Busted Again: Americans, Those Who Are Being Sold To You As The Heroes Are The Ones Selling You Out!
Judge Roy Moore Wins Big: I Knew That When They Attacked Him That It Was Not Going To End Well For Them – O’ Boy Was I Right
Department of Homeland Security Demonizes Americans Again!
Governor Abbott, On The Heels Of Ron DeSantis, IMPORTS 11,000 Illegal Immigrants Into America & Is Being Praised For It By The American People!
Nope, You Cannot Make This Up: Rand Paul Highlights Inflation While Asking His Constituents For Support In Putting A Stop To Inflation!
Where Do the People Get Their Information? This is No More Biden’s Government Than It Was Trump's - It's Our Government Under God!
FBI Now Terrorizes Ohio Pastor: Americans Have Every Right Under God to Protest Corruption -A Lesson that The FBI Will Have to Learn
Grave Soaking Heretics: What is Wrong with the World? In Many Cases You Can Look to the Church to Find That Answer! (Video-Pictures)
In Contrast to Mere Words, Christian Love Does!
This Isn't Government, This Is A Death Cult! If This Is NOT A Provocation to War, What Is It?
Consequences Of Treason Is Death: Facebook Proves Once Again That They Are Subversive To American Law & Government!
Author of “Common Sense” Thomas Paine in Lighting the Fuse that Brought About the Separation: The Least Religious Forefather – Think Again (Video)
The Strawman Does Not Exist! No One To Blame But….
Facebook Wants You To Believe That Bill Gates Has The Support Of 42 Million Followers - Yet, There Is One Thing That They Forget To Tell You……
The Debauched American Military That Everyone Should See (Video)
Daring The Justice Of God-Biden Invites Drag Queen To Signing: This Criminal Is Advocating The Crimes Of Sodom & Gomorrah
Big Tech Colluding To Shut Down Independent Media: Keeping You Up To Speed With The Illegalities Of The Censorship Of Free Speech
Happening Now: The History Of Man Is That You Can Only Oppress Him For So Long Before They Respond - Man Threatens To Kill CDC Director
Americans Slowly But Surely Waking-Up: Half Of Americans Believe Covid-19 “Vaccines” Are To Blame For Unexplained Deaths
Comprehensive List of Companies that Use Senomyx (Aborted babies) in Food and Drink Products
The Mainstream Media Said There Was NO Voter Fraud Taking Place: Wife Of Congressional Candidate Charged With 52 Counts Of Voter Fraud
A Government That Murders Its Own - Minnesota Passes A Bill, How I Know Not, To Murder Babies Up Until Delivery
Fortifying Themselves Against the People That They Swore To Serve: Arming Unconstitutional Agencies
The Child Trafficking Documentary Some In Congress Did Not Want You to See
The Cry Heard Around The World: Woman Screams Out “They Killed My Dad” & “Blamed Me & My Mom for Not Getting Vaccinated!” (Video)
The Government Found Demanding Big Tech To Illegally Censor Opposition To COVID Narrative
Hopefully, Americans Will Now Understand Why God Clearly Condemns Sodomites: "Gay" Couple Charged With Molesting Their Adopted Sons, Pimped Out To Pedophile Ring: (GRAPHIC)
Subversive Facebook Now Admits What We Already Knew: Fact Checkers Are Just Giving You Their Opinions!
They Are NOT Hiding Anything: Meet Joseph Goebbels' Twin Brother, Yuval Harari - Klaus Schwab's Right Hand Man - Bill Gates Is In The Family As Well… (Videos)
So That You All Understand How This All Works - It Is ALL A Controlled Narrative: This Foreigner Exposes Them All! (Video)
I’m Still Waiting For My Apology, Sodomites… Teachers Caught Grooming Children On Camera! (Video)
Truth Is Going To Offend Those Who Hate - Consider Those Who Will Be Misled, Deceived, & Destroyed If You Don’t Preach The Truth
Mass Murderers Are Telling Us That They Are Looking For Gun-Free Zones To Murder The Innocent! (Video)
This Is ALL Government Sponsored, & So Are The Death Threats...
The Blind Guides Say That It Is Not For Us To Say Who Goes To Hell - Yet, They Can Tell Us Who Goes To Heaven?
The American Dream, in Many Ways, Stands in Contrast to the Word of God!
Democide: When A Government Kills Without Remorse - Now They Want Your Guns - Remember Germany…
The Lord Fought For David Too, But He Still Had To Show Up On The Battlefield!
In Every Book, Jesus is Found…
Bradlee Confronts Store Manager At Target & Their Illegal, Sodomite Agenda (Video)
In Every Book, Jesus is Found… (Video)
Abominable Hireling Mocks God, Lightning Strikes & Burns Down His Building (Video)
The Lord Fought For David Too, But He Still Had To Show Up On The Battlefield!
Garth Brooks Paying The Devil His Dues: Transphobic “#@@*%*#!@” Aren’t Welcome At His New Bar
Representative Decries The FBI For Acting Like The Gestapo
It was Made 5 Years Ago: Why Did The True Story “Sound of Freedom” Hit Every Obstacle In The Making & Releasing Of The Movie?
Modern Day Hirelings In Contrast To That Of The Disciples Of Martyrdom
Americans Should Take A Lesson From Tbilisi As To How To Put A Stop To The Criminal Sodomite Agenda (Video)
It Cost the Lord Everything
Capitol Building Quotes: Put This Up Against What You See Within The Halls of Government Today
The CIA-Controlled Mockingbird Media Is At It Again: Why Are The 1,000 Other Presidential Candidates Being Ignored, Suppressed Or Censored?
Treasonous Governor Arms Illegals By Giving Authority To Arrest Americans
The CIA-Controlled Mockingbird Media Is At It Again: Why Are The 1,000 Other Presidential Candidates Being Ignored, Suppressed Or Censored?
When It Comes To The Covid Narrative, Fox News Wants You To Believe That The 'Left' (Which Doesn’t Exist) Is Responsible For What The 'Right' (Which Doesn’t Exist) Is Doing (Videos)
What Would You Expect From Those Who Are Illegally Coming Into America? That Is, Until It Happens To Them...
This is How Americans Respond: Sheriffs & The People Say No To Tyrannical Governor's Attack On 2nd Amendment - Impeachment & Removal On The Horizon?
900% Increase Of Chinese Nationals Crossing Over American Border (Video)
The CIA-Controlled Mockingbird Media Is At It Again: Why Are The 1,000 Other Presidential Candidates Being Ignored, Suppressed Or Censored?
Usurping Parental Rights: I Thought It Wasn’t About The Children - It's Nothing But Being About The Children!
Another Propagandist Activist Puts Out HIT Piece On Bradlee’s Ministry: Brought To You By Southern Poverty Law Center
Just One Question Americans, Why are Over 80% of Retired Generals Employed by the Military Industrial Complex? We Have Been Warned About This...
How Is That Working Out For You, Americans? What It Looks Like When God's Statutes Are Lowered & Man’s Are Put In Their Place...
Home of Governor Gretchen Whitmer Displays Adolph Hitler - They Are Sorry Though…
Justice Is What The World Needs – Dr. Calls Forth Destruction Of Criminal Organization WHO (Video)
Do You Have 5-7 Minutes To Quickly Scroll Through All Of The Criminals That Have Been Caught Committing Voter Fraud That The Mainstream Media Told You Did Not Exist?
Here We Are Americans: Censoring Freedom Of Speech Is The First Thing A Dictatorial Government Does!
World Health Organization Declares "Disinformation": Need To Lock Up Those Who Expose Us...
How The Political Game Is Played: It Doesn’t Get Any Easier To Understand Than This Does…
Among Pilots, Heart Failure Up 1000%
Look At The New Minnesota Flag: Your Country Is Being Handed Off To Foreigners, Americans!
Why Is John Schneider “Bo – Dukes Of Hazard” Being Investigated By The Secret Service? They Are Investigating The Wrong Guy!
Not Everyone Is Going To Stand Down: Military Men Stand Up & Demand Justice Over Forced Jab!
The Jesus Of The Bible In Contrast To The Jesus Of The American Church
As Freedom Of Speech Is Under Attack & The Facts Are Known Concerning The Experimental Jabs, Liberty Counsel Warns “The Next Shot May Be Mandatory”
Your Freedoms Are Under Attack: In Case You Missed This One…. Yes, It Is That Important!
llhan Omar: The Somali President Is Our President (Video)
The Idolatry Of Sports
Bold-Hearted Men, Whom The World Calls Prideful, Arrogant & Divisive, Are Always Called So By Cowards
Now That Everyone Knows That The NFL Is RIGGED, How Are There Christians On The Football Field?
The Safest Place To Be Regardless Of The Circumstances Is Where The Lord Will Have Us To Be
The Hunters Have Now Become The Hunted: Their Cruelties Are Swelling The Ranks Of The People Worldwide!
The Child Trafficking Documentary Some In Congress Did Not Want You to See
The CIA-Controlled Mockingbird Media Is At It Again: Why Are The 1,000 Other Presidential Candidates Being Ignored, Suppressed Or Censored?
Historical Points Have Their Place, But That Is Not Where Your Faith Is To Stand!
Gun Sales Skyrocket In The Face Of Invasion
Did The Freemasons, Illuminati, Spiritualists & Mysticists Establish This Country? (Complete Set Of Videos)
You Say That You Want The Answers, Here You Go… Bradlee’s Short Educational Video Library More Than 225 To Choose From
Why Do The American People Let The Corrupt Media & Politicians Set The Propaganda Narrative - Speak On Their Behalf
Which One Is Worse, John Lindell Or Mark Driscoll? SHAMEFUL! (Videos)
When Artificial Intelligence Tells You What A "Useful Idiot" In The Mainstream Media Cannot — The Truth
140 Illegal Immigrants Riot Charges Dismissed While 950 January 6ers Remain In Jail
Record High Of Hostility & Violence Against Churches In America: So Many Are Playing The Victims & Yet, They Are The Ones Doing The Attacking! Leaves The Church Defenseless
VICTORY: Huge TARGET Backlash - Only Shows The People That They Still Hold The Power
What Am I Doing Wrong? Absolutely Nothing, Scripturally....
Take Heed To Who & To What You Are Listening
Are Americans Truly Grateful? If They Were, They Would Not Tolerate Injustice
The Wars That Politicians Create Are Feeding The Racket: They Are Once Again Reinstating A Military Draft For 18-26 - If They Want A War, Then They Can Be The First To Lead The Way!
Without The People Bringing Forth Impeachment & Prosecution To The Corrupt, America Will Be Lost!
What Is Independence Day (4th Of July) All About?
Big Tech Facebook (META) Does Not Want Americans to See that there Are Over 1,000 Other Presidential Candidates
Setting The Record Straight! - America’s Founding Forefathers Were Occultists… Who Told You That?
“Song Bird” McCain a Hero?
“Just Not Too Much Truth,” Say the Hypocrites! The Saga Continues…
NBC’s Transgender Attacks Bradlee Dean & Alex Jones by Playing the Victim
Nike Betrays the People by Crowning the Traitor!
Freedom is not Free!
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