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Bradlee Dean is the founder of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International and The Sons of Liberty, a ministry with a mission to reshape America by re-directing the current and future generations both morally and spiritually through education, media, and the Judeo-Christian values found in our U.S. Constitution. He is host of the live, nationally syndicated radio broadcast, The Sons of Liberty, a weekly columnist for 40 columns nation-wide, and drummer of the band Junkyard Prophet.

Dean provides an uncompromising approach to hot topics like media bias, our U.S. Constitution, abortion, traditional marriage, the price paid by our veterans and more.

“Bradlee delivered a much needed conservative message to our campus. The open-mic forum stirred up a bit of controversy that made our mission as conservative activists extremely effective. Also coming from a post-abortion perspective, Dean was exceptional at reaching those with opposite views. I am now pro-life and not looking back,” - Elizabeth Ilse, St. Cloud State University.

The program starts with an optional band performance by Junkyard Prophet, continuing with a multi-media presentation by Bradlee Dean and the popular open-mic forum to finish.


Today, there's no denying the existence of an alarming departure from America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.  What began in the 60's with the removal of respect for authority, morals, and values, has mushroomed into an epidemic of abortion, drugs, violence, confusion, and hopelessness while being guided by the moral philosophies of an unconstitutional, biased mainstream media.  Where will it all end? 

How can America’s up and coming generations understand the value and beauty of the moral absolutes on which their country was founded? When the ear is turned away and the eye averted from the influence of the older and wiser generation, the only plausible alternative is to speak this generation’s language.  The Sons of Liberty is an organization comprised of young adults who empathize with this generation's so often misunderstood cry for help.  We are dedicated to the purpose of refueling a fire for the truth in the hearts and minds of all who attend our events.  We understand that freedom is not free, and true freedom is found in personal responsibility, a correct understanding of America’s heritage, and in honoring the sacrifice of our forefathers. 

The core of our program is simple. We want to see America’s future generations change for the better and instill in them the message of hope that they have been waiting for. We believe that we can help bring about this change by meeting face to face with students on their own terms, in their own schools/campuses, speaking the only language they will listen to: their own. We’ve been through the trials and hardships that have driven many to the edge and sometimes beyond. But we have emerged on the other side, rooted and grounded in the principles and morals which made this country a great nation. 

It is our goal to restore the lost respect for America’s founding morals and values laid out in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. We understand, and will effectively communicate, the high price paid by our founding fathers who laid down their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to establish this country as a Republic, “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” We believe that we can positively affect those we work with by instilling in them a seed of hope that will motivate and drive them to pursue the excellence they are quite capable of achieving.


LIVE CONCERT WITH Junkyard Prophet :

Please see the band's official website for more details.


Bradlee Dean is the founder of You Can Run But You Canot Hide International and The Sons of Liberty, host of nationally syndaicated radio broadcast, The Sons of Liberty, and drummer for international band, Junkyard Prophet.

Bradlee Dean will use his own personal experience, along with a multi-media presentation, to discuss issues such as the media, personal responsibility, abortion, marriage, true freedom, America’s moral foundation, the United States Constitution in relation to society today, and the price paid for our freedom.  It is an overall message of responsibility. 

*If the event is at a college, we will then commence an open mic forum for students to bring questions or thoughts to Mr. Dean. 

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