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Bradlee Dean Confronts the New Ideology


Last week, WND’s Bob Unruh did an outstanding front-page article about my ministry’s return visit to Dunkerton, Iowa, after Liberty Counsel won another religious liberties victory on America’s behalf.

The city attempted to blackball my ministry from coming to town after performing our second assembly at the Dunkerton high school. (Dunkerton was our 50th assembly in Iowa alone.) The ACLU and the radical homosexual lobby, working hand in glove with the media, created a controversial firestorm over what was a highly rated assembly until they came into the picture.


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Jake McMillian, who was the speaker at the assembly program in Dunkerton, simply quoted Elton John when he stated, “There is nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. People should be very free with sex, they should draw the line at goats.”

Of course, any rational individual would have thought the homosexual radicals would have been decrying Elton John; instead, they attack the speaker who is simply exposing Elton’s perversion. Apparently we must have struck a cord – so much so that the ACLU and three homosexual groups in Iowa wrote a letter to all Iowa school administrators stating that our message was unconstitutional.

They also murmured that we did not share their values, which I considered a compliment. Roger Baldwin, the ACLU’s founder, stated, “Communism is the goal.”

Now, I ask: Whose message is unconstitutional?

Along with the ACLU (which recently defended the KKK in Georgia), the radical homosexuals are being used as a political battering ram to help implement their unconstitutional and un-American agenda, while the young in public schools are the subjects of their control. (Listen up, parents!)

The ideology that is promoted and pushed down the throats of the next generation reflects the Karl Marxes, Joseph Stalins, Mao Zedongs and Barack Hussein Obamas of the world, and it is truly disturbing.

Here are some points in which the young are being undermined:

- Right and wrong is measured by happiness rather than God’s moral law (which our republic rests upon, Exodus 18:21).

- Base everything on emotion rather than principle.

- Backward, senseless judgment.

- When bad decisions are made, we are exempt from consequence because we are suffering from some form of “sickness.” (How convenient for the bureaucracy.)

- Freedom was given to do whatever we want to do rather than what we ought to do, resulting in blindness to the price paid for freedom.

- No absolute moral standard. Anyone who refers to a standard is bigoted and intolerant for not accepting the ideology listed above.

After we were notified about the ACLU’s letter to Iowa schools, our attorney sent the ACLU a letter demanding a retraction for its unlawful and untrue assertions to the schools in Iowa. Within a week, we received a letter back from the ACLU’s attorney, mocking our claim, as if to say, “What are you talking about?” However, the ACLU knew the actions were unlawful and unsubstantiated. It immediately pulled the letter off its website, only to prove our point.

We went back

The follow-up with Dunkerton, Iowa, was much anticipated. During this town hall meeting, I laid out the premise of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. At no time did I give my opinion, but there always seems to be one that wants to combat the old and tried truth with the new and untried ideology.

ACLU Exposed:


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