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Bradlee Dean: Crimes of Illegal Aliens

“If we would reach a degree of civilization higher and grander than any yet attained, we should welcome to our ample continent all nations, kindreds [sic] tongues and peoples; and as fast as they learn our language and comprehend the duties of citizenship, we should incorporate them into the American body politic. The outspread wings of the American eagle are broad enough to shelter all who are likely to come.”

– Frederick Douglass

Under Herbert Hoover’s presidency during the Great Depression, local governments ordered the deportation of illegal aliens to make jobs available to American 
citizens that desperately needed work.

Harry Truman introduced legislation in 1951 to reduce the illegal immigration problem.

And then in 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower deported approximately 1.3 million Mexican nationals due to the growing threat to national security and the American economy.

This current administration walks contrary to the presidents who actually served those they were responsible to represent! At a time when America is in an “economic crisis,” Obama and his minions (Psalm 12:8) have again displayed their disdain for America and her people by opening our borders and welcoming illegal immigration … and the crimes illegals commit along with it.

First, is it not this administration that attacks governors and even sues states on our southern border for enforcing the laws against illegal immigrants? Yes, it is.

Is it not this administration that also recently granted amnesty to 800,000 illegals so this president could round up some more young voters? Yes, it is.

Is it not the Department of Justice that has bullied states over voter-ID laws, and has even gone so far as to claim it is racial profiling, to ensure that illegal aliens have free reign in America? Yes, it is. Attorney General Eric Holder has now even called amnesty for illegals a “civil right,” as if to say the illegals have a right to break the law. This should come as no surprise. (Do not forget that this is the same attorney general who placed guns into the hands of violent criminals in Mexico to blame the American people for the crimes he contrived through “Fast and Furious.”)

On the other hand, is not this administration responsible for violating every American citizen (suspected terrorist) who desires to fly out of an airport when the TSA frisks him or her at the security checkpoint, which clearly violates the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution? Yes, it is.

What? We are required to show our IDs to get on an airplane, but we are not required to show IDs when we vote?

Case in point: This administration is not only overlooking the illegals, but encouraging illegal immigrants while harassing American citizens. This is not only illegal, but it is treasonous.

The borders are wide open without and within, and this administration is there to ensure they remain open. What people may not realize are the repeated crimes against the American people by illegal aliens who have been deported time and time again. The Department of Homeland Security has even gone so far as to release hundreds of illegals out of prisons, letting them loose on the American people. It is time that America begins to hear the cries of the victims and bring forth justice – and it starts with this administration.

The crimes committed in America by illegal aliens are horrendous, but because the American people allow this administration to remain in power, we have repeat offenders emboldened to commit crimes at will, killing our police, raping our women and even kidnapping our young.

America, not to speak is to speak, and not to act is to act. It is time to speak and to act. The American people cannot stand down. Silence is consent.

The Department of Homeland Security estimates that immigrants (legal and illegal) comprise 20 percent of inmates in prisons and jails. Here are some of their crimes committed against the American people (Warning: disturbing content):

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