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Bradlee Dean's Interview with Talking Points Memo


In light of the Penn State child sex abuse scandal, I have been invited on to media outlets across America to discuss the topic. Since 1998, I have been fighting for the preservation of America’s younger generation. Now more than ever they are under constant attack. The success of America depends upon her morality, and if we fail to pass down America’s godly heritage to our children, we will be lost. 


I have taken a bold, outspoken stance on behalf of our children. Therefore, I am either loved by the righteous or hated by the radical liberals who don’t like me exposing them, while the rest are too slothful to care.


One media source that has followed me is the Talking Points Memo. They sent me interview questions on the Penn State scandal, which I answered. However, after seeing my answers to their questions, they decided not to post the interview. Why? Could it be because it did not fit their agenda? Well, that’s the only conclusion there is! 


So, I decided to post it for you. Enjoy!


TPM: What prompted you to speak out on this issue?

Bradlee: We live in a society that shows more mercy and compassion on the guilty than it does the victims.

In particular, I was very offended that the Penn State college students were protesting coach Joe Paterno’s resignation. Instead, they should have been protesting coach Joe Paterno for not reporting the abuses taking place on college campus concerning young defenseless boys being violated by a former coach. I hope they did this inadvertently with misinformation. Which by the way, Joe Paterno now regrets that he did not do more.

TPM: What do you think makes you an authoritative voice on the issue?

Bradlee: I am simply taking responsibility for the millions of fatherless children that have gone unheard in these types of situations. I am standing for their defense, as all of us should. I was raised without a father in my household, and it seems in this type of family setting you are subjected to everything and protected from nothing. I am simply standing up for them on their behalf.

TPM: You've been an outspoken critic of homosexuality, in what way -- if any -- do the allegations that Jerry Sandusky sexually abused young boys affect your reaction to the incident, or your motivation to speak?

Bradlee: David, as I have always said, it is not about me attacking any particular people, this has always been about protecting a particular people, namely our young that are under attack. I talk on a number of issues and this just happens to be one of them.

TPM: How did you respond to the Penn State students rioting in support of fired coach Joe Paterno?

Bradlee: Either they do not know of the horrific abuses that have been done to these boys or they simply do not care. I want to believe that they did not know of the abuses.  I am offended if they are disregarding the crimes against the kids and offended if they do not care.


Information is still coming out as are there more victims coming forward.  Hopefully those who are rioting will get the right information.



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