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GOP Betrays its Own Principles

Recently, I was invited to lead a pro-Constitution forum at St. Cloud State University, on topics ranging from media bias, lines between church and state, democracy vs. republic, the price of freedom, etc. A few days before the event, the media went on an all-out attack on my ministry with unconfirmed and unsubstantiated allegations, attempting to deter me from the forum – all because I expose their agenda. You would think the state-run media had something better to do with their time, like expose those who are eradicating the Constitution, but instead it seems they are getting paid to attack anyone who magnifies the Constitution.

While the media were busy on the attack, here comes the Minnesota GOP, of all people, who fought against the students who brought me in to stand for the principles the party itself claims to uphold. And to make things worse, the professed church was nowhere in sight to help fight for their posterity – it seems that the church is waiting for God to do for them what God commands them to do, and that is to love our country enough to hold our government accountable to maintain our liberties.

While this next generation is being subjected to everything and protected from nothing, the GOP in Minnesota is too busy trying to build a billion-dollar stadium on borrowed money, of course, only to appease their constituents. If the American people would simply hold up a mirror to these politicians, they would realize they are financially bankrupt because they are morally corrupt. And all the while the one they claim to decry in action and deed (at least publicly), namely the tyrant Barack Hussein Obama, has enough common sense to go on college tours to reach the young. The GOP needs to remember that there would not be a “left” if the “right” were doing the right thing at all times.

The Minnesota GOP attacked the students who brought us in to reach the next generation, but the students had enough courage to bring us in regardless – this from a party tangled up in sex scandals and whose headquarters just received an eviction notice for failing to pay rent for nine months. If I were immoral and corrupt, I wouldn’t want an uncompromising preacher to come in, either. It completely backfired, regardless of the GOP’s hypocrisies. Liz Ilse, the college student who brought us in, said, “We shouldn’t shun somebody from the Republican Party for speaking out about the core principles and values the party supposedly believes in. We did our own research on Bradlee, and he has a strong conservative message. He’s pro-Constitutiona pro-family, pro-vets and he speaks about the core values of the GOP.”

Here’s a video of highlights from my St. Cloud presentation:


Now it is clear why Jesus said to beware of the leaven of Herod (government) and the leaven of the Pharisees (church). It’s clearly the blind leading the blind, and they are all in the ditch. Woe unto these hypocrites!

Adding to all of this we found that working in concert with the liberal media are university professors. While we were setting up for the event, I looked outside to see professors leading up a protest of my talk. They were offering extra credit to anyone who joined in the protest. They were attempting to teach students to hate those who stand for American ideals.

One of the protesters even went so far as to say, “Bradlee Dean only creates division, not dialogue.”

One thing the protesting professors weren’t expecting was for some of the protesters to come inside and hear my message.

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