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Homosexual Marriage? Canada's Hateful Example

Just this week I received a phone call on my radio program from a listener from Maine who said that homosexual marriage was defeated in his state in 2009. Then he said, “Here they come again.” I responded that he was not dealing with people who are ruled by law, and their objective is to overthrow law. I said, “Don’t you remember the ‘change’ that was promised by the first gay president, who is clearly not ruled by our Constitution? So what do you expect? Every state where the vote has gone to the people, homosexual marriage is voted down. Thirty-two states out of 50 have defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Now I hope you can understand why the radical homosexual community does not want the vote going to the people.”


In California, the Proposition 8 vote by the people protected marriage. Since that wasn’t the answer the homosexuals wanted, they usurped the voice of We the People and had a radical homosexual activist with a judge’s cloak, Vaughn Walker, to overthrow the voice of 7 million people in that state. He had no business in that position. He conveniently retired after his unlawful usurpation before being impeached by the people he defied. Now it is back in court, exactly where the radicals want it, so they can debate the pith and marrow out of common sense – that marriage is between one man and one woman, as God has defined.


Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage in hopes of promulgating his unlawful agenda in four swing states that are voting on the issue – Washington, Maine, Minnesota and Maryland.


But those working to preserve traditional marriage say the president’s words will backfire, as they always do. This is now a perfect opportunity for the American people to take their government back.
Joe Fuiten, pastor of the Cedar Park Church in Kirkland, Wash., said Obama’s support for gay marriage will not change deeply held beliefs. “He decided he had to do it to get his liberal base behind him again,” said Fuiten, “but it’s not going to play well in the country.”


Friends, people need to realize that homosexual marriage is not about homosexual marriage; it is about overturning law by a totalitarian government.


In fact, homosexual marriage is not even about marriage. In the video below, I go across the border into Canada where they’ve “framed mischief by a law” (Psalm 94:20) by legalizing an illegal act called homosexual marriage to show you what the objective truly is. For example, what does lowering the age of anal intercourse have to do with homosexual marriage? What does the family and homeschoolers have to do with homosexual marriage? How is it the state’s business to intrude on churches and force them to perform homosexual marriages?


The video below was shut down by YouTube within two hours of being uploaded and was flagged as “hate speech.” The video contains offensive facts about the hate that is promoted by the radical homosexual agenda in Canada toward the law that exposes them:


Homosexual Manifesto:


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