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Introduction of My War from Bradlee Dean

I'm Bradlee Dean, the writer, producer, and director of My War. Thank you for taking an interest in the film documentary, My War, the cumulative work of my ministry and life since 1998.

It’s a project we decided to undertake after visiting over 330 high schools around the country, talking about social and cultural issues.  We got to see first-hand the type of programs and education that our youth receive related to the situations they face.

Viewers have been extremely positive, wanting to know more about us and are happy to know that someone is speaking up. And of course there’s a few that might be angry and offended by the truths that I have spoken. In either case, I’m glad that you are here, because I want to answer as many questions for you as I possibly can.  

What is behind My War? In some ways, it’s what you already know or feel, and may think that you have no way of combating. It might be what you see and think every time you drive by a public school, but are at a loss as to what you should say or do. Or maybe you are asking yourself if this is even happening in these United States of America?

It is the stirring restlessness and apprehension you might feel when you think about the things you and your posterity are being exposed to and how they are being educated, wondering if they will be able to sort out the truth for themselves.  Maybe you are bothered by the danger of what they are receiving at such an impressionable age. Is your anger and frustration at these ever quieted or addressed?

Let me start by making an observation: for the past five decades, enormous and vastly broad reaching institutions and programs have been birthed for the supposed purpose of educating our posterity. In addition, they are there to do more than simply educate - they have appointed themselves ministers and administrators of programs designed to ‘serve’ the various problems kids deal with on a daily basis.

It has been deemed by these intellectuals that in order for the exhaustive overhaul of the human and spiritual condition to occur, one thing had to be done for sure in order for all of it to work - or so they think!  They must repeat history by relentlessly, and might I add illegally and forcibly, removing God from our institutions and from all thinking - they say, we must be ‘Godless.’ God must be stripped from all of our understanding in order for them to make progress. The God of Heaven in Jesus’ name is their obstacle and one in which they will never overcome. How contrary to the path that our Founding Fathers paved for us.

Hmmm…sooo…What is the fruit of this godlessness? Statistics for teenagers in just about every category that affects their safety and wellbeing are progressively worse: pregnancy, venereal disease, crime, mental health, drug use, test scores, and the list goes on…

These destructions started taking place in our country in the 1960’s, not in 1776. The destructions that we are facing in this country are the fruit of our departure from Jesus Christ and our foundational teachings, not the other way around. Remember, truth does not need to be propped up, lies do. That is why there is continuous inundation of the air waves with godlessness.

They are making a desperate attempt to push their illegal and un-American agenda on We the People.  I’m glad that I am not going to be a part of it…and my heart breaks for those that have given themselves in submission to it.

15 years ago, after many years of partaking in every indulgence known to mankind, I finally came to the end of what the godless life had to offer.  In the end, my tragic realization was that there was nothing there beyond its inherent emptiness, a wasted past, and a clear view of how merciful God truly is. I prayed to God in Jesus’ name and He answered me by fire. He saved me from me and brought me into union with Him.

To my critics, you might observe, I was with you almost every step of the way up until 1995. I acted out what I was taught; I lived out the ends of your thinking. I cannot say that I loved your godless world, but I can say that it was all that I knew. As a matter of fact, I lived to highest standard of the lowest form of what was bestowed upon me. I lived a godless life in which the average heathen would kill for - sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, and a little fame.

An ironic twist to my life story is that the godless world that was created for me and that you so much wanted me to have is what led me to making My War! To the godless I give you My War as the product of your consorted efforts. You lose! Game over. God my Father does rule in Jesus Christ.

Now that I have seen the light, it is no longer acceptable to ‘stay seated.’  He has now set me on a course to serve Him and demonstrate that union unto mankind in power. It has been with the eyes of His Spirit that I have been able to see where the problems really were stemming from in our culture, and in particular our educational institutions and their bastions of humanistic drivel.  

Folks, if you’re thinking all of the children that are being raised up in a godless society are going to come to a different conclusion than I did, let me tell you, you’re dead wrong.

There is a strong underlying movement coming forward, because God is moving in this country, and around the world, precisely in response to the attack of godlessness that has attempted to take a hold of our churches, our schools, our government, and our once honorable institutions. Indeed, gainsayers, critics, liars and corrupted individuals might do well to prepare for an awakening of the Church of Christ.

Of course there will be some that deny the reality of what is going on in our schools, but I was there and I know what I saw and heard. Let me tell you this, regardless of all of the spin, selective reporting, and cover up, the young people are not jumping up and down about being deprived of the knowledge of who they are, where it is that they came from, and losing the freedoms and prosperity that we all partake in. Not only are the immoral destroying their own future, but they are destroying the young's as well, and they are adamantly set against reaping what the unrighteous are sowing.  

Some are hoping that the younger generations will mindlessly take on their philosophies, yet I see that it’s not my God that they are turning against. The young aren’t blaming the God that they want them to blame – the God that offers life, liberty and lasting freedom through Jesus Christ. The degenerate are simply being rejected for the poison that they have interjected into the veins of society.

I say to my critics one more thing: We know that without a shadow of a doubt, the God that you are at war with, that you have attempted to strip from the culture, is not, nor ever has been a part of any problem that we are dealing with today - just the opposite. You have gotten away with blaming the God-fearing people of this land and others, and some have even conceded to you on many points. They stepped back when they should have went forward. These even internalized the condemnation, adjusted their thinking in agreement with you on so many points, and even repackaged their faith to be more palatable to you when they should have simply kept their feet upon the Rock of their salvation.

America, the only light that our posterity has, is the truth that has been given to them. And we can see clearly what happens when they are robbed of that light and truth. My War is about giving the light and truth back unto them.

While the ultimate message of My War is Jesus Christ, My War is about calling out the obvious fundamental problems with everything I see our posterity being lied to about.

America, you are not going to win this war by turning your back to the will of these illegal agendas which are aimed at demoralizing your children.  You need to stand up and charge at them lawfully that are perpetrating these destructive agendas.

God Bless!


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