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Judgment Without Justice

What does this administration have to do before we start talking about impeachment?  

If all we do is judge what’s going wrong in our country for the sole purpose of having something to talk about (as it seems to be the case over the airwaves lately), we are glorifying the problem and encouraging unrighteousness to run rampant by leaving judgment undone.  Let me say that again:  if we merely expose problems with this administration or unlawfulness anywhere, we are helping their cause if we leave it without justice.

We need to bring about the answers and start talking about impeachment until people uphold the rule of law and execute justice upon wickedness.  

To prove the point, if the president of the United States were to get on the airwaves tomorrow and say, “The next person to commit murder will get the maximum penalty for their crime, no questions asked,” what do you think would happen in our country?  I can guarantee you that murder would drop drastically.  Government is to be the force of law, ruling in the positive, by bringing a negative to crime.  The whole purpose of government is to maintain peace in the land with righteous judgment.  As Romans 13:4 says, the government is to be “a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.”

If we would simply execute the laws we already have, we do not need to waste time making new ones! And we certainly won’t have to waste our breath glorifying the lawbreakers through the airwaves.  Enough is enough!


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