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Stan Montieth - Legendary Radio Show Host Passes into Glory

America has just lost a giant and a giant, which cannot be replaced. I know Stan would say that that was not true but to me it is. Stan Monteith, host of Radio Liberty, went to be with His Lord on Monday.

"Precious in the sight of The Lord is the death of His saints." Psalm 116:15

About 2 years ago, while doing Tea Parties across the state of Florida, I was called upon to do an interview with a man named Stan Monteith from Radio Liberty. After an hour-long interview, I told my assistant that he was a very sweet man. I could put it in no other words.

Shortly thereafter, I was called up to do another show with Stan and then another and another. I have probably done 30 interviews with him over the last 2 years.

What is so interesting is that I did not know that the show that I was called up to do was with Stan Monteith. No, you must understand, the Stan Monteith (Laughing). The radio legend. As a matter of fact, the owner of a radio station told me, "Bradlee, this guy is a radio legend and he is respected all across the nation and even the world."

I was flattered.

But Stan was different with me for some odd reason. There was an instant connection with him. He would have me on and let me take over his show, which I am told that doesn't happen with Stan. Well, it did with me.

The Lord knew what He was doing. He knew what was coming down the line.

After one show that we did together, Stan's wife Barbara called me and told me that we were "great together on the radio," a "great tag team duo."

We soon grew close in such a short amount of time and soon enough, we took some time off from a California tour to meet with the two of them over dinner. Stan and Barbara looked healthy great! We had a couple hours of conversation and planned to get the families together, which now will never happen.

Two weeks ago, Stan and I had our last radio interview together, one that will not be forgotten. Through all of my radio blunders and mistakes, Stan would brag me up on the radio and drive all of his traffic to my website. Stan believed in me, as does his wife. However, the truth of the matter is that I believed in him and in her, his selflessness, his boldness and no compromise message.

Farewell my friend you have now been promoted to glory.

You are greatly missed my friend.

Your friend, Bradlee Dean

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