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Terror-Tied CAIR Attacking Minnesota Church Clergy – They Are Not The Victims, They Are Perpetrators Pushing For Absolute Rule

"To learn who means to rule over you, simply find out whom they do not want you to criticize."

Terror-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is at it again in Minnesota.  They are attempting to browbeat into submission anyone who dares call them out for the crimes. Remember that they have the spear, not the shield.

The word “Islamaphobia” is oftentimes heard throughout the mainstream media, attempting to put them into the position of the victim while doing their best to hide their crimes.

These people are not the victims, America, they are the perpetrators (Isaiah 5:20).

It is an attempt to cover for those that are now invading and attacking our system of Church-government by browbeating those who dare speak out into submission. It is important for you to understand this.

In Minnesota, all this comes with the help of Governor Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison (Treason-Article 3, Section 3, US Constitution).

What the media and CAIR failed to share with you are the facts, the facts that expose them for their continuous barrage of lies and crimes against humanity.

Recently, we saw the media hand in glove with corrupt representatives doing just that through the likes of the New York Times.

The New York Times reported:

LONSDALE, Minn. — A Minnesota Roman Catholic priest apologized Wednesday for saying in a sermon that Islam was “the greatest threat in the world” to the United States and Christianity.

The Rev. Nick VanDenBroeke apologized in a statement issued by the St. Paul-Minnesota Catholic archdiocese. He had made the comments in a Jan. 5 sermon at the Lonsdale, Minnesota, church where he serves as pastor.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights group, had called earlier Wednesday on Minnesota's Roman Catholic church leaders to repudiate the sermon.

In his statement Wednesday, Van DenBroeke said his homily “contained words that were hurtful to Muslims. I'm sorry for this. I realize that my comments were not fully reflective of the Catholic Church's teaching on Islam.”

Instead of this priest standing up in defense of what he said, which was true, he capitulated, tucked tail and ran in the direction of failing to protect the flock while giving entrance to the wolves (Psalm 78:9-10; John 10:12). Why did he apologize?

Take a look at Muslims from the east that are plundering countries they are entering:

  • Denmark: 450% more crimes committed by Muslims then non-Muslims.
  • Germany: Muslim migrants committed 142, 500 crimes in 6 months. This is 780 every day.
  • Sweden: 480,000 sexual assaults in one year. 77% of all rapes by less than 2% of Muslims.
  • England and Wales: Over 56% of Syrian refugees committed severe crimes in less than 1 year etc.
  • Belgium: 35% of Prison population is Muslim who make up only 6% of the population.
  • UK: Muslims fill 44% of high security prisons, out of a 5% population.
  • USA: 91.4 % Muslim refugees are on food stamps, 68.3 % on cash welfare.
  • Muslim migration has doubled in the decade since 9/11 and 60% migrants to America favor sharia law (Deuteronomy 28:15-68).

If you are looking for proof of a conspiracy by the mainstream media, which are owned by 6 corporations worldwide, and corrupt politicians, you need not look any further than this article (Jeremiah 11:9).

This was not just reported by the local news “useful idiots” like, KSTP, Fox News 9, KARE 11, CBS Local, Minnesota Public Radio, and the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, it was also reported on a national level as well in USA Today, New York Daily News, New York Post, and The Washington Times. 

Friends, one must make a distinction between those who are here to assimilate and those who are here to conquer (Deuteronomy 28:43, 49, 50, 52, 58).

“If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.” -Mustafa Carol, Director CAIR Texas

Does it not amaze you how the CIA-controlled mainstream media is right there in browbeating anyone that dares to speak out against the crimes of those who mean to conquer this country?

Then again, the mainstream media has a long history of covering for those that are conspiring against the American people.Both from within and from without.

As it has been said, the Lord is willing to give the Church that for which it is willing to fight for (Deuteronomy 4).

Most that call themselves Christians do not realize that they must boldly rise up, in action, and speak the truth from the Word of God (James 2:14-26) rather than succumb and deny the faith in advocating for another like this priest just did (Judges 5:8).

As a reminder, this is a Christian nation (Psalm 33:12).

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media. Article by Bradlee Dean

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