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The press is at it again...

By Bradlee Dean


Recently, it was said in the papers that I apologized to Kurt Zellers, the Speaker of the House, for my prayer – that is absolutely untrue. The only apology I made to Kurt Zellers, is that I’m sorry he is in the position that he is if he did not hear me. For the record, Kurt Zellers did not denounce or expunge my name from the record, he denounced and expunged the principles of the American people, the people from the great state of MN, and he denounced the principles that America is founded upon.


Minnesotans put Kurt Zellers into a position to lead the people and to stand upon the Constitution and values of our forefathers. This exemplifies a point which I have made many times: instead of standing up for the Minnesotans who voted him in, he got a little weak-kneed and bowed to a small wind of opposition.  So today it is made clear that he denounced the content of my prayer.


Read my prayer here.


Another lie the media promulgated was that Kurt Zellers was going to put a stop to a press conference with me (which I didn’t call for) at the state capitol with multiple reporters in attendance. In fact, that is the furthest thing from the truth. I conceded to the wishes of those who did not want me to stir things up again by my appearance at the capitol. I cancelled it, and put aside the personal attacks on myself for the gre ater good of the marriage amendment vote.

See Sons of Liberty co-host Jake McMillian calling off the press conference here (taken from cell phone, excuse the audio).


Since the media nationwide has picked up the story, we have received thousands of responses with angry American citizens who were disappointed in elected officials such as Zellers for his wavering apology.  I am sure he has received their responses as well. Maybe Mr. Zellers should take the time to read the Constitution which hundreds of thousands of men and women fought, bled and died to uphold before he denounces their values. 


In conclusion, I am not angry with the left. The left does what they do because the right doesn’t do what they should do, and this was very clear to see on Friday.


Thank you for hearing me out, America. God Bless! 


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