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YCRBYCHI Marks the Southern Poverty Law Center as the REAL Hate Group


Recently, Sheriff John Cooke from Weld County, Colo., said the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), who labels anyone its officials disagree with politically as “hate groups,” holds no credibility.

For example, SPLC currently lists 26 “hate groups,” mainly Christian/conservative organizations, solely because of their stance on traditional marriage as our God and our founders intended.

SPLC has also targeted family-oriented and pro-American organizations and individuals such as:

American Family Association

Coral Ridge Ministries

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International

Glenn Beck

Ron Paul

Michele Bachmann

Judge Andrew Napolitano 

Chuck Baldwin

Joseph Farah

Gun Owners of America

The tea party

Oath Keepers

Concerned Women for America 

Groups that wish to protect our borders from illegal immigrants

You have here the criminal calling out the lawful as the enemy, and those who hate the U.S. Constitution calling those who are patriotic the haters. This is like the tyrant King George who, instead of honoring our forefathers, called them “dangerous and designing men” – yet who was “dangerous and designing”?

A little homework into the Southern Poverty Law Center clarified its true mission: Make money while working hand in glove with the mainstream media to attack America’s foundation using a Communist/Marxist agenda.

Let me explain: SPLC’s founder is lawyer Morris Dees who in 1961 earned money by doing legal work for the Ku Klux Klan. That information alone brings enough red flags to expose SPLC as an illegitimate and anti-American organization.

Dees founded SPLC in 1971, after the civil rights battle had been won and there was no more money left in representing groups like the KKK. He now jumped to the other side of the fence, masquerading as a “civil rights organization dedicating to fighting hate and bigotry, and seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of society.” Interesting, because in 1986 SPLC’s entire staff quit in protest of Dees’ refusal to “address issues such as homelessness, voter registration and affirmative action – that they considered far more pertinent to poor minorities …” (Harper’s Magazine).

In the mid-1990′s, the SPLC ventured beyond beating the twice-dead horse of chasing KKK members, obviously because Americans no longer viewed them as a threat. They no longer raised enough support to rake in on the racial issue, so they now found a new focus: organizations that stand for America’s moral values. Today, as this administration attempts to trample the Constitution underfoot, the SPLC has decided to create new “victims” to cash in on.

The SPLC even goes so far as to repeatedly align with a variety of hate-driven, anti-American political groups, including communists and communist-friendly individuals and organizations.

Now who stands as the hate group here?



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