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You Are Not Promised Tomorrow

By Bradlee Dean


I read this analogy a while back and thought it was important to put out there. Please read below...

Satan stood amidst all his cohorts, demons, imps and the such, asking the question, "What can I do to deceive the people further?" Just then, Satan had the idea to reward the one that could come up with a new deception by giving him all that he would desire.

Soon a demon glided up to satan and said, "I know what I could do to deceive the people further!" "What?" said Satan with a loud, growling anticipation. "I can tell the people that there is no God!" "No," said Satan, with a loud voice. "You fool, man knows within himself that there is a Creator, for creation itself testifies this very truth!"

Soon another approached Satan and said, "I can deceive the people by telling them that they evolved from monkeys." Satan with a loud voice reprimanded this one by saying, "There is none so foolish amongst God’s creation to believe such foolishness. Are there none here that are better at deceiving the people than those who have approached me? I had thought to myself that I had taught you better than that."

One more glided from the back with a smile on his face, confidently approaching his father of lies, saying, "I will tell these created beings of the Most High that there is more time!" And this is the rewarded demon that went forth to deceive mankind by telling them, "You still have tomorrow."

Today is the day of salvation. You are not promised tomorrow.



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