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Bold-Hearted Men, Whom The World Calls Prideful, Arrogant & Divisive, Are Always Called So By Cowards

16 Feb 2024
True Humility = gives glory to God.  False Humility = gives glory to self. Recently, a friend of mine posted on his site, “I learned long ago that the pride and arrogance of just one man often bri…
The Sons Of Liberty


The My War Documentary Series is a series like none other. This unique documentary encompasses a huge spectrum of issues that our society faces today, and takes you back to the foundation of our country
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"It's kind of like Samuel Adams meets King Josiah when Bradlee Deen shows up! Bradlee unapologetically confronts the cultural and political corruption our nation faces with a message that shakes us out of apathy and back to our Patriotic Christian duty! I would highly recommend him as speaker anyplace, anytime! "

The Sons Of Liberty Radio Show

Are you tired of talk, talk, talking - around the issues ? Then get ready for the revolution with The Sons of Liberty! Bradlee Dean delivers a hard-hitting message of truth, exposing unconstitutional policy through constitutional law.

They are educating and equipping America with the knowledge of what our nation was truly founded upon – “The Bible is the Rock upon which our republic rests.” The Sons of Liberty not only talk about the issues at hand, but lead by example

Bradlee Dean