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Past guests who have appeared on The Sons Of Liberty Radio Show:


Stryper's - Michael Sweet
Represenative Alexander Kolodin
Tommy Robinson-UK
Liz Collin
Ben Dorr
John Schneider
Victoria Jackson
Gubernatorial Candidate Ryan Kelly
Alex Newmann
Trevor Loudon
Alex Newmann
Steve Peters
Judge Mark T. Boonstra
Attorney Don Brown
Alfonzo Rachel
Recording Artist Steve Camp
Sam Sorbo
Scott Lively
Nikta Koloff - 8 X Heavy Weight Champion of the World
Actor Kevin Sorbos
Governor Jesse Ventura
Grammy Award Winner Val Garay
Thomas DiLorenzon
Eric Lucero
Donald Jefferies
Myjah Hahn
Tony Roman
Charolette Iserbyt
John Klyczek
Sandy Modell
Dr. Andreas Kalcker
Jason Garwood
Janet Boynes
Erin Clements
Professor David Clements
Clay Clark
Kathy Shell-amidon
Stephen Spivey
Joni Marquez
Anna Debuisseret
Gucharin Singh
Benjamin Glaser
Mark Gurley
Nick Patterson
Jordan Mason
Karen Stewart
Dr. Christine Parks
Dr. Jane Ruby
Mark and Terri Stemann
Gareth Icke
Remece Freeman
Andy Gonzales
Amber Redman
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Dee Mani-mitchell
Bill Evans
Survivors of the USS Liberty
Artur Pawlowski
Dr.Michael Roth
Dr. Bill Smith
Chris "Ponto" Paranti
Kate Scemirani
Lisa Hanson
Keith Haskell
Shad Olson
David Knight
Mike Adams
Dr. Kevin Corbett
Dr. Carrie Madej
Dr. Andrew Kaufman
Dr. Scott Jensen
Mike Freeman
Robin Tillbrook
G. Edward Griffin
Franklin Sanders
Llee Garrett
Rep Erik Mortensen
NC Gubernatorial Candidate Al Pisano
NC Senate Candidate Kevin Hayes
Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Don Blankenship
Democrat 2020 presidential candidate Lee Newton Rhodes
Orrin Heatlie with
Lt. Col. Michael Bell Ammon Bundy Ryan
Bundy Captain
Karl Koenigs
Tracia Koenigs
Leah Southwell
Trevor Loudon
Chuck Baldwin
Dr. John Diamond
CSPOA President Richard Mack
Kathryn Henry
Publius Huldah
Sean Argyle
Mn State Representative Eric Lucero
Sentator and Dr. Scott Jesnsen 
Dana Coverstone
Kevin Shipp (Former Cia)
Dr. June Knight (White House Correspondent)
Mario Maurillo
Pastor Greg Locke
Dan Pilla
Robert Carillo
Lynee Taylor
The Activist Mommy
Elizabeth Johnston
Patrick Johnston
Brian Godawa
John Guondolo (Former F.B.I.)
Kevin Shipp (Former CIA)
Lynne Taylor, The Common Core Diva
Alex Newman
Drew Nowlan
Bill Evans
Dr. James Gauss,
Coach Dave Daubenmire
Dr. John Diamond
Tom Dunn
Ron Branstner-Minuteman Arizona
Philip Haney-Department of Homeland Security
Larry and Erich Pratt - Gun Owners of America...
TX Congressman Ron Paul 
Laura Loomer
Ted Nugent
Wallbuilders - David Barton 
MN Governor Tim Pawlenty 
Judge Roy Moore - Foundation for Moral Law
Michelle Malkin
Philip B. Haney (Department of Homeland Security)
Barb Anderson - Comprehensive Sex Education Curriculum
Alex Jones - Infowars 
MN Family Counsel - Tom Prichard 
Michele Bachmann - MN District 6
Howard Phillips - Conservative Caucus 
Rutherford Institute - John Whitehead
EdWatch - Karen Effraim/Julie Quist/Allen Quist 
Michael Peroutka - Institute on the Constitution
Senator Kris Kobach - Drafter of AZ Immigration Law 
Bishop Harry Jackson - High Impact Leadership Coalition 
Brigitte Gabriel - American Congress for Truth
Herb Suerth - Band of Brothers 
Arnold Culbreath - Protecting Black Life 
Ed McClung - Band of Brothers 
Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli
MN District 4 Candidate Theresa Collette
Mayor Tom Dahlberg; Attorney Erik Kaardal 
Mitch Berg - Northern Alliance Radio Network 
Todd Friel - Wretched Radio
Elaine Donnelly - Center for Military Readiness 
Mary Kiffmeyer - Former Secretary of State 
Michael Pearl - No Greater Joy 
MD Delegate Don Dwyer
Judge Ron Wilper - Teacher Crimes
Dr. Anne Blake Tracy - Dangers of Antidepressants 
Twila Brase - Citizens’ Council on Health Care 
Dr. Paul Cameron - Family Research Institute 
Alveda King - niece of Martin Luther King Jr. 
Dr. Ted Baehr - Movie Guide
Peter LaBarbera - Americans for Truth About Homosexuality 
Tony Perkins - Family Research Council
Mary McAlister - Liberty Council 
Stewart Rhodes - Oath Keepers
Sheriff Paul Babeu - Pinal County, AZ
Jim Campbell - Alliance Defense Fund 
Tracey Bailey - Association of American Educators 
David Limbaugh - Author of "Crimes Against Liberty" 
Dr. Judith Reisman - Author of "Sexual Sabotage" 
Bob Guimond - 
11-year-old radio listener - Claire!
Representative Dan Severson - Candidate for Secretary of State in MN
Chris Penwell - Candidate for 10th District Judge in MN 
Tad Jude - Candidate for 10th District Judge in MN
Greg Wersal - Candidate for MN Supreme Court Justice
Dr. Gina Loudon
Bryan Bender - Boston Globe 
Attorney Jeff Anderson - Anderson and Associates 
Bryan Fischer - American Family Association 
Matthew Krause - Liberty Counsel
Matt Sharp - Alliance Defense Fund 
MN Senator Paul Gazelka - District 12 
Michael Reagan
Joseph Farah - World Net Daily 
Pamela Geller - World Net Daily
Bradley Johnson - Math Teacher, CA 
Matt Barber - Liberty Counsel 
Gary Kreep - United States Justice Foundation 
Senator Rick Santorum - Presidential Candidate 2012 
Ray Comfort - Living Waters/Way of the Master 
Ambassador Alan Keyes 
Sheriff Richard Mack 
Sherry and Randy - Petoskey Tea Party, MI 
Molotov Mitchell - Illuminati TV 
Chuck Utersee - producer of Behold a Pale Horse 
Carly Hill - Young Patriots 
Tim Brown - Freedom Outpost 
Regis Giles - Girls Just Wanna Have Guns 
Jim - FreedomFighterRadio
Paul Walter - NewsWithViews
Carol Everett - Former Abortion Clinic Owner 
Troy Newman - Operation Rescue 
Sue Trombino - Women Impacting the Nation
Matt Staver - Liberty Counsel
James Riley - Creator of Courage, New Hampshire DVD Series
Joshua Charles - co-author of NY Times best-seller, "The Original Argument"
Victoria Jackson - The Victoria Jackson Show
Floyd Brown - Center for Western Journalism
U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy - South Carolina
Jerry Newcombe - Truth in Action Ministries 
Billy Vaughn - Father of fallen Navy SEAL Team 6 member Aaron Vaughn
Reverend Alex Perakis - NC
Pat Buchanan
Shawn and Wendy - testimonial of lives changed by listening to the SOL
Eileen Escalante - 912 Group Volusia 
Chris Lawton - Greenvile, SC Tea Party
Kevin Hawthorne - Music Artist
Greg Quinlan - Pro Family Network
Vicki Stogdill - Des Moines, IA Tea Party
Landan Kollasch - Armstrong, Iowa City Event Coordinator
Tim Baldwin 
Chad Hovind - Author of Godonomics
Ron Cunningham - movie producer
James Garrow - Author of The Pink Pagoda
William Cook - Black Robed Regiment of Virginia
Sara Brenner - Brenner Brief
Kevin Shipp - former CIA officer
Abby Johnson - Former Planned Parenthood Director
Erik Rush - Author and Columnist 
Alfonzo Rachel - Zonation
David M. Zuniga-America Again
Lauren Price, Veteran Warriors
Lt. Commander & former Navy JAG Don Brown, Author of Call Sign Extortion 17
Senior Airman Brian Kolfage
Marine Sergeant Jeremy Knauff, Spartan Media
Michael Ware, author of An Everlasting Covenant
Gordan Runyan, author of Resistance to Tyrants
Don Smith The Don Smith Show
Gary Demar, American Vision
Dr. Joel McDurmon, American Vision
Scott Alan Buss, Fire Breathing Christian
Phyllis-The Micro Effect-TIME Network
Pat Colebeck- Gubernatorial Candidate Michigan
Dave Agema-Former Representative Michigan 
Maija Hahn- Pharmacutical Whislte Blower
Dan Fischer- The Black Robed Regiment
Jason Storm


People who have refused interview requests

Senator Chris Swedzinski
Senator Corey Booker
Senator Amy Klobachar
Rob Boston - Americans United for Separation of Church and State; 
Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the House; 
Senator Al Franken; 
Tarryl Clark - Opponent to Michele Bachmann for Congress; 
Minnesota Independent; 
GLBT (The Organization "GLBT" doesn't exist!); 
Council on American-Islamic Relations; 
Joe Solmonese - Human Rights Campaign; 
Out Front MN; 
Kevin Jennings - Assistant Deputy Secretary for Safe and Drug-free Schools, U.S. Dept. of Education; 
Westboro Baptist Church; 
Keith Ellison - MN Congressman; 
San Francisco Police Department - Larry Brinken; 
Media Matters; 
Right Wing Watch